A second Superman Returns trailer!

Up ‘til now, Superman Returns has been having a little trouble generating real mainstream buzz. Sure, the built-in fan audience has known it’s been coming for ages. And Bryan Singer’s name is your guarantee of interest. But despite appearing on every magazine cover under the sun, the film just hasn’t quite got the thrill-packed word of mouth that translates into blockbuster figures.

So welcome, then, the new trailer, which not only features some of the eye candy effects already glimpsed in the likes of the Comic Con footage, but also gives a real feel for the movie and its characters. Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor finally gets to verbally strut his stuff, and really seems to be relishing his evil (never a bad thing in a villain). And we get to see Lex invading the Fortress Of Solitude (AKA Supe's frozen ice hideaway) with a brief glimpse of Marlon Brando’s footage cameo as Jor-El.

Superman has a lot to prove (and a lot of money to make if it wants to turn a superhero-sized profit), but this is certainly an impressive trailer… Let’s see if the movie matches up.

Click here to find the trailer in various sizes.

Source: ( Apple Trailers )

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