You Are Empty Cheats

  • Weapon Cheats

    Press ~ to open up the console. Type "Give " and then any of the following:

    weapon_thunder - Electro Gun
    ammo_thunder - electrogun and flame thrower ammo
    weapon_thunder_fire - flame thrower
    weapon_grenade - grenade
    weapon_maxim - Heavy Machine Gun
    ammo_maxim - Heavy Machine Gun ammo
    item_medikit_large - large medikit
    weapon_bottle - Molotov Cocktail
    weapon_nailgun - nailgun
    ammo_nailgun - nailgun ammo
    weapon_mauzer - pistol
    ammo_mauzer - pistol ammo
    weapon_rifle - rifle
    ammo_rifle - rifle & sniper rifle ammo
    weapon_obrez - shotgun
    ammo_obrez - shotgun ammo
    item_medikit_small - small medikit
    weapon_rifle_sniper - Sniper rifle
    weapon_machinegun - Sub Machine Gun
    ammo_ppsh - Sub Machine Gun ammo
    weapon_spanner - wrench
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Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Shooter
Published by: 1C
Developed by: Digital Spray Studios
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending


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