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Xenosaga Episode II Cheats

  • Clear data reward

    By having clear data from the previous xenosaga game on your memory card you can gain new features when you start a new game.
    KOS-MOS'S and Ziggy's Swimsuits - Have Xenosaga 1 reloaded clear file on
    your memory card. Swimsuits are equipped as a skill.
    Submitted by Michael Osuere
  • Double Attack list

    Here is a list of the double attacks, the people to use the attack, how to get it(at the end), and how much stock you need to use the attack (also at the end). 1:Archangel's Requiem, Jr. and Shion,
    2: Blessed Miracle, chaos and MOMO,
    3: Burst Veil, MOMO and Shion,
    4: Cross Fist, KOS-MOS and Ziggy,
    5: Cross Hilbert, KOS-MOS and MOMO,
    6: Dual Spell Ray, chaos and Shion,
    7: Elemental Nocturne, chaos and Jr.,
    8: Fiery Ritornelle, Jr. and Ziggy,
    9: Grand Ronde, chaos and KOS-MOS,
    10: Gravity Bomb, KOS-MOS and Shion,
    11: Ice Brand, chaos and Jin,
    12: Lion Heart, Jin and Shion,
    13: Phoenix Blade, Jin and Shion,
    14: Power Strike, MOMO and Ziggy,
    15: Silver Duet, Jr. and MOMO, and
    16: Twin Buster, Shion and MOMO.
    How to get them is as follows:
    1. from GS campaign 5
    2. from Awakening IV item (stolen from the Patriarch)
    3. from GS campaign 8
    4. from GS campaign 22
    5. from GS campaign 30
    6. from GS campaign 17
    7. from GS campaign 9
    8. from GS campaign 23
    9. from GS campaign 28
    10. from Awakening II item (stolen from Orgulla)
    11. automatic at start of game
    12. from GS campaign 34
    13. from Awakening III item (stolen from Margulis)
    14. from GS campaign 32
    15. from Awakening I item (stolen from Albedo)
    16. from GS campaign 36
    Here is the needed stock:
    1. 2 bars
    2. 3 bars
    3. 1 bar
    4. 2 bars
    5. 2 bars
    6. 2 bars
    7. 2 bars
    8. 2 bars
    9. 3 bars
    10. 2 bars
    11. 2 bars
    12. 2 bars
    13. 3 bars
    14. 3 bars
    15. 2 bars
    16. 3 bars
    Submitted by baconman

Xenosaga Episode II Hints

  • Finish Game Bonus

    Finish the game and save. Load your cleared game file to start at the Save Plate in Elza with new dungeons and events unlocked.
    Submitted by None

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