Available on: PS2

WRC: World Rally Championship Cheats, Codes & Guides

WRC: World Rally Championship Cheats

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    Go to Extras the Secrets to enter these codes.
    The effects only work on time trial mode. To disable a code, re-enter it.
    Get Everything - opensesame
    Get Bonus Stages - gimmebonus
    Upside down camera- ontheceiling
    Increased Acceleration & top Speed- evopower
    Speed Up Co-Driver Calls- heliumaid
    Underwater Visual Effects - wibblywobbly
    Top Down Camera- downbelow
    Removed Car Shell- thatsstupid
    Flying Car In Replay- floatylight
    Psychedelic Visual Effects- imgoingcrazy
    Submitted by Matthieu Piekarski

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Available Platforms: PS2