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War Games Cheats

  • cheat codes

    To use these codes you must press T to bring up the message screen.
    Code: Effect:
    Unclejohn God Mode
    Chaching $10,000 extra credits each timeentered
    Mrmuscle +20 to player armor
    Bigsofty -20 to enemy armor
    Coffee +20 to player speed
    Beer -20 to enemy speed
    Shaft +20 to player firepower
    Shank -20 to enemy firepower
    Morningafter Shows entire map
    Hermes Speeds up unit ordering,building
    Gimmiegimmie Allows building all units and structures
    Saladtossed Level select ( To use, enter code and exit current game, now press Ctrl+W for WOPR missions or Ctrl+H for human missions and click Load Game. A list of all the missions should appear if done right.)
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  • View Movies

    Hold R2 and press START continuously before the title screen appears
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  • Invincibility

    Put in X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Circle, X as the password
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  • Demo Level

    Put in Square, X, Triangle , Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X as the password
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  • Mission Passwords

    Entry location: O=Circle X=X S=Square T=Triangle
    Mission Location Password
    NORAD Missions
    2 Czech Republic OXO OXX OXO
    3 Russian Urals XXO XXX XOO
    4 Cairo, Egypt OSX OOT OXS
    5 Cambodia TXO OXX STO
    6 Swiss Alps SOO SOX XOX
    7 Libya SXX XOS OXS
    8 Channel Islands OOX SST SSO
    9 Grenadines SSO TOT XTT
    10 Louisiana Bayou XTO SOO OXS
    11 China, near Beijing OST XST TTS
    12 Saudi Arabia TSO XTO OXS
    13 Arctic Circle SST STS TXT
    14 New York City XXO TXT SXS
    15 Omaha desert OSO XSX TOX

    W.O.P.R. Missions
    2 Florida Keys OXO OXO XXO
    3 Irian Jaya STX TXO SXT
    4 New England XTO XXO OOT
    5 Russia OOS SOX TXX
    6 Brussels XOX TTS OXT
    7 South Africa TTX XSS XXO
    8 Hong Kong SXO TXX SOT
    9 Mexico SOT TXO XXO
    10 Bering Strait XOS TOX SXT
    11 Kremlin SOX TST SOO
    12 Polynesia XOT XOS XOS
    13 Congo XOS SXX OXO
    14 Washington D.C. OTO OTS XTS
    15 Tokyo TST OXS OOS
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