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Super Mario Land 3 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Super Mario Land 3 Cheats

  • Get More Stuff

    Pause the game and press select 16 times. Then, hold a and b and press the arrows to the coins, hearts, time, or lives area. While holding A and B, press up or down to change the amount of the item. You can get 99 lives, 999 coins, and 99 hearts with 999 seconds to go!
    Submitted by JON
  • Debug mode

    Pause the game and press select sixteen (16) times, a flashing box should appear on the lives section, then hold A or B and press right or left , whne you are over a no for gold hearts or time press up or down to increase or decrease that no. Also if you hold down A and B and move the box over the head for lives then unpause warios hat should increase to the next level (eg.bull, dragon or jets hat).
    Submitted by Anonymous

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