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    Type these in at the menu screens.
    Recently I have went through your site and found a error you say the cheat ABURN can not be reversed with out reinstalling or copying the choice.dat. But I have found a way around this little dilema when you type in ABURN (anytime) goto the options and change the difficulty level back to the place you want it (eg:easy, Medium and Hard) then the cars you race against will be back to normal
    Code Description
    VTELO All normal tracks available
    INVER Reversed tracks available
    MONTY Obstacle graphics are changed
    JOINT More obstacle graphics
    CLOCK Turn off that clock
    TAZOR Makes the bullet car available
    UPDOW Turns graphics upside down
    MIRRO Mirror mode
    ABURN Other cars become Bullet Cars. Careful, you can't undo this without a reinstallation or backing up the choice.dat file.
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