Rayman Origins

The visuals alone are enough to lull even the most seasoned gamer into a false sense of security. Vibrant colors abound, preposterous characters gambol and cavort with giddy abandon, and vivacious animation breathes life into the already-fecund levels. But don’t be fooled by Rayman Origins. This intensely beautiful 2D platformer can easily crack open and scramble even the most hardened of hardcore gamers.


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Release date: Nov 06 2012 - 3DS
Mar 29 2012 - PC
Feb 15 2012 - PS Vita
Nov 15 2011 - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii (US)
Available Platforms: 3DS, PC, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
Genre: Platformer
Published by: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes