Project Gotham Racing Cheats

Project Gotham Racing Hints

  • Secret Colour for Mini Cooper

    Entry location: when you are choseing your car
    If you are going to be the mini cooper there are three blacks- choose the first one and then try the second one then the third until you find the car with the British flag on the roof. Good luck!
    Submitted by ben & Harry
  • Go Anywhere

    First go to central park paths pick a fast car. Once you get to the 3 gravel/dirt road go as fast as you can down and up the hill and at the top of the hill aim for the right hand side of the flashing yellow sigh your car will get a bit of air and hopefully you will be in the middle of the track and can go anywhere you want. TRUST ME YOU WON'T GET IT THE FIRST TIME BUT JUST KEEP TRYING
    Submitted by Michael
  • Mini Game

    When you enter your garage press y to get to walk mode, then turn left and walk until you see an arcade machine, walk up to it and press a. now you can play the geometry wars mini game .
    NOTE: it took me a while to find how to shoot-use the right analog stick!
    Submitted by oz
  • Full Speed Run

    First, go to time attack mode. Then, go to financial district. then go to 6th race from the bottom, choose the Ferrari F50(if you don't have it then put it 'nosliw'as your name at the title screen, this will give you all cars) then go full speed down the straight-away and you'll hit speeds up to 170 MPH.
    Submitted by Ryan harrell the sk8er boy
  • Tips for Cars

    These are some tips for cars in the game P.G.R.2. Always test the cars before in the showroom before you buy the car. This is a little different because they split the cars in the levels. So for example I wouldn't be able to buy the Ferrari Enzo when you're in the first level. That means there is no point to buy a car that is in the first level when you're in the Roadster cars level. The real way to buy a car that you can really drive is to go to the garage instead
    Submitted by Demon Master 21
  • Easy Kudos

    If you're short a few Kudos at the end of a race, gain some speed. Then, right before you cross the finish line pull the handbrake ("A" button)while you hold "A" do a 180 degree turn and you'll get a few Kudos.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • How to EARN all cars

    Cars you win in one-on-one challenges:
    Kudos Challenge level 1: Z3 Roadster 3.0i
    Kudos Challenge level 2: Boxster S
    Kudos Challenge level 3: Focus Cosworth
    Kudos Challenge level 5: Skyline GTR
    Kudos Challenge level 7: Corvette ZO6
    Kudos Challenge level 9: 360 Spider and 360 Modena
    Kudos Challenge level 11: Viper RT-10
    Kudos Challenge level 12: 911 GT2
    Submitted by Super 96 Accord
  • Cars you earn by amount of Kudos

    1,000 : New Beetle RSi
    25,000 : Panoz Esperante
    50,000 : Lotus Exige
    75,000 : Delfino Feroce
    100,000: TVR Tuscan
    150,000: Carrera GT
    200,000: Ferrari F50!!
    Submitted by Super 96 Accord
  • Easy Kudos

    Before each turn, brake a little, and press A only for a bit, then accelerate. You'll earn more Kudos for the longer the turn.
    Submitted by ED

Project Gotham Racing Unlockables

  • Unlock all the cars

    To get all of the cars including the Ferrari F50, enter your drivers name as "Nosliw" case sensitive - Note the capital N and rest lowercase!. You will have all of the cars and the courses too.
    Submitted by wageorge
  • Get VW Beetle

    Use the easy difficulty setting and get 1000 kudos
    Submitted by None
  • Get extra Helmets

    After every hour of gameplay you will get 1 extra helmet
    Submitted by None
  • Get Panoz Esperate

    Get 25,000 kudos
    Submitted by None
  • Get Lotus Exige

    After getting 50,000 Kudos you will get the Lotus Exige
    Submitted by Nick
  • Get Medal Pursuit Paint Jobs

    You get them after 5 hours of accumulated gameplay
    Submitted by None
  • Quick Race Cars(all golds)

    Level one : TT roadster and TT Coupe
    Level two : Camaro SS
    Level three: Lancer Evolution VII
    Level four : F355 Spider and 355F1
    Submitted by Super 96 Accord
  • Arcade Race Cars

    Level one : RX-8
    Level two : Opel Speedster
    Level three: Subaru WRX
    Level four : Aston Marton V12 Vanquish

    Submitted by Super 96 Accord

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