Pokemon Puzzle League faqs

Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats

  • Get Extra Hard Mode

    Open the V-Hard mode by first picking your game and then in the Game Settings menu press and hold Z then press L, L, A, B
    OR you can finish the game using the Hard difficulty setting.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Super Hard Mode

    At the game settings screen hold z and press L,R,A,B.
    Submitted by Kirby
  • Get Mewtwo's Stage

    Complete the game using the S-Hard difficulty OR go to the trainer select screen, HOLD Z then press B, Up, L, B, A, Start, A, Up, R. Now player 2 will be mewtwo and the 1st player Ash
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Get Marathon Mode

    Go to the title screen and Hold Z then press B, A, L, L. Now the speed can be set up to 99. You can also use time zone and get 10,000 points to get this.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Get ?? Trainers

    Unlock the ? trainers by holding L + Z + R on controller's 1 and 2 at the trainer screen. You can also finish the spa service game to get this
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Get Badges

    Get the badges in bold by defeating the characters to the left
    Brock Boulder
    Misty Cascade
    Lt. Surge Thunder
    Koga Sould
    Erika Rainbow
    Sabrina Marsh
    Blaine Volcano
    Giovanni Earth
    Submitted by Scott Dubrick
  • Unlock Options in Puzzle University

    Go to the title screen and press and Hold Z then press A, B, R, A, A, B, R, A
    Submitted by None

Pokemon Puzzle League Hints

  • How To Make Jigglypuff sing

    Go To Marathon or Time Zone, and press L or R until the music CHANGES then press L or R once more and quickly get a combo or a chain.
    This will get you somewhat more points.
    Submitted by I rock

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Available Platforms: N64