Pikmin 2 faqs

Pikmin 2 Cheats

  • Get bulborbs to Work for you

    Go into a cave and keep searching until you find a bulborb with a leaf on its head. First defeat the big one and the little ones will run around. Call them to you to you with the whistle. And they are your servents. And two bonuses... They can stand Fire, Water, Electricity, and poison, and they can`t escape to the surface. They are called bulbmin.
    Submitted by Edi A.
  • Easy Way to Beat Enemies Without Pikmin

    Entry location: Any underground area with gaps in the floor
    This cheat is useful for getting treasure held by enemies or just getting rid of them. First find out if the enemy runs away from you (Like Dweevils) or follows you (Like Spotty Bulbears). If it runs away from you, chase it off a ledge. If it had something, it will appear where is was before it ran over the ledge. Some enemies like the Spotty Bulbear follow you. They always take the most direct patch to you, even if it means walking off a ledge. Try and get it so there is a gap between you and the enemy. It will walk of the ledge trying to get to you. It will drop whatever it was carrying where it was before it walked off the ledge.
    Submitted by Some guy who wants Pikmin 3

Pikmin 2 Easter Eggs

  • New Music

    Entry location: In Any Cave
    Bring 20 of each pikmin into a cave and they will sing the theme song from the original Pikmin`s commercial.
    Submitted by Andrew
  • Strange Bees

    Entry location: Wistful wild
    In the Wistful there these bees that appear on day 31 and come back every 30 days after that point... but they disappear on day 300. You can also get some sprays and necters. Just kill them with purples to get the stuff.
    Submitted by Captain Olimar
  • Singing Waterwraith

    Entry location: Piklopedia
    When you defeat the Waterwraith,go to your Piklopedia. Go to his entry and listen for awhile. You will hear it singing.
    Submitted by The Waterwraith
  • Title Screen Buttons

    At the title screen press R to make the Pikmin spell out Nintendo
    Press Y to get a chappie to come out and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. Press L to get rid of it
    Press X to get a beetle. Use the C-Sticks to control it
    Submitted by None

Pikmin 2 Glitches

  • Manhole Lid

    In the valley of repose there is a manhole lid with a bulborb on it. After you beat the bulborb and leave your pikmin will get stuck. And if you go away to far your pikmin will pause on their own, and will proably get left behind. To stop that from happening go to the Emergence Cave and they will get loose. If that does not work keep going in directions until free.
    Submitted by ED
  • Waterwraith Glitch

    Entry location: Piklopedia (recommended) Submerged Castle
    When the Waterwraith is falling, use an ultra bitter spray (press Z in the Piklopedia) and the rollers will freeze first. Then when the Waterwraith lands on the rollers he will freeze too. When the rollers break free, freeze them one more time. When the Waterwraith breaks free, he will have trouble lifting up his roller since that is what he does when he falls. If you hate the Waterwraith try this for revenge!
    Submitted by Some guy that wants a Pikmin 3

Pikmin 2 Hints

  • Quick way to defeat Empress Bulblax

    How to defeat the Empress Bulblax is simple. All you have to do is to leave every type of pikmin at accept purple at base (Don't worry the Empress Bulblax will squish the larva.). After you have your purple pikmin with you just go for it. Make sure you have ultra spicy spray with you.
    Submitted by Dylan Good
  • How to Beat a Little Bulorb

    When you encounter a little Bulorb, don't go off and start attacking it, but sneak up on it and grab 1 piknin and throw it on the bulorbs back. The Pikmin's wheight should break the Bulorb's back and he should go down eaisly.
    Submitted by Valenzuela Matthew
  • Always Win Two Player Battle

    Use your ultra spicy spray on all your pikmin and fight with the other pikmin. And if some of your pikmin are left throw them at the other player and they will chase and whack them.Then go to your onion and pluck your own pikmin and have them carry your oppoments marble and wait. P:S you can only move while pikmin are attacking you.
    Submitted by Andrew
  • Boss Walkthrough

    Boss 1:Empress Bulblak
    Really easy. First throw one purple at it and call it back. Then throw it at her head then she will get hurt and when she stops yelling call them back then wait for her to stop rolling. Repeat till dead. Once dead grab the treasure gauge and body and leave.

    Boss 2: Burrowing snagret
    Walk into its nest with 5 reds and as soon as it rises it will squak and start unburrowing it self. When it does that throw throw them on its head. Repeat till dead. Grab its treasure and head.Then go to the eggs and necter your pikmin.

    Boss 3:Beady Long Legs
    Take five reds and go to the circular area. Go in the middle of the web and he will come out. He will stomp a lot and then lower his head to take a breath - when he does throw them at his head. Repeat till dead. Grab the key and ubury the diamond and leave.
    Submitted by Captain Olimar,Louie,President,and Andre
  • Glutton`s Kitchen`s Secrets

    Entry location: Glutton`s Kitchen
    Giant Breadbug seceret

    How to kill him is simple. Beat him at tug-of-war twice and he will die.

    Picnic Blanket

    Get on a floor 6 and you are on a Picnic table.

    Human House

    Glutton`s Kitchen is a human house. Notice how the floors are wood. And when you press and hold down the zoom out button you can see the wall.


    On a certain sublevel there is a Tamborine and Xzylophone. But they don`t make any noise.


    On all the sublevels there are blocks. Even as borders there are blocks.


    On sublevel 6 there are plates.

    Giant Breadbug Secret 2

    The Giant Breadbug goes over the border.


    In all the sublevel there are toys.


    Keep going until you find a birdhouse
    Submitted by Captain Olimar+Louie+Andrew
  • Louie or Olimar as a Weapon

    Entry location: North Carolina
    When you have a few pikmin left or your pikmin are slow defeating monsters, get close the back side of the monster and press A repeatedly to hurt the monster. When the monster turns around back away so it won`t hurt you.
    Submitted by Madeline Brien
  • Flowers for Pikmin

    Sometimes, if you crack eggs open there is nectar. Use the C-Stick and direct your pikmin to the nectar. Pikmin with leaves will now have Flowers on their heads. This also works with some margets (flowers). Butterflys come out hit the butterflys with your pikmin. Again it also works for those flys with egges attached to them, hit them with pikmin.
    Submitted by :-)
  • Raging Long Legs Strategy

    When the Raging Long Legs stops stomping, DO NOT throw pikmin on him until you hear him growl the second time. Your Pikmin will attack him when he his stomping! This benifits in these ways:

    1. Your pikmin dont get stepped on

    2. You can attack him longer because he won't shake them off until he's done stomping

    3. Sometimes he won't start stomping really fast.
    Submitted by Some guy who wants Pikmin 3
  • Quick Way To Defeat Emporer Bulblax

    Take about 10-15 Purples. Make sure he is not above ground yet. Then throw all your purples right between the eyes. He should die right after he comes out of the ground.
    Submitted by Some guy who wants Pikmin 3
  • Get Challenge Mode

    Look in Summer's first dungeon stage on the 5th floor and unearth the key item.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Louie's Dark Secret Movie

    Finish all 30 Challenge Mode arenas with pink flowers.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Treasure Complete scene

    Rescue Looie after you get all the pieces to unlock the scene
    Submitted by None

Pikmin 2 Unlockables

  • Make your Ship Gold

    Get 10,000 pokos and save Olimar`s company.
    Submitted by andrew
  • Unlockables

    Challenge Mode - Defeat Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the spider citadle and collect the key.Take the key to the recon drone.

    Cinemas and Credit Options - Collect 10,000 pokos.

    Treasure Completion FMV - Collect all the treasure peices and rescue Louie.

    Louie's Dark Secret Movie - Succefully complete all challenge mode with a `Pink Flower` rating.

    Area Unlock

    Awakening Wood Level - Get the Sphere map in the Emergence Cave
    Perplexing Pool level - Get the Exploration Map in the awakening woods.
    Wistful Wild level - Collect 10,000 Pokos.
    Play as Shyacho - Collect 10,000 pokos
    Louie`s Cooking Notes - Rescue Louie from the Titan Dweevil at dream den
    Submitted by Andrew good
  • Unlock Credits & Movies

    Get 10,000 pocos
    Submitted by None
  • Get Shyacho Unlocked as a Character

    Get 10,000 pocos and save Hokotate Delivery and pick continue instead of ending
    Submitted by None

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