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  • PorcelainPoison - June 1, 2011 2:35 p.m.

    The controls for this are so annoying! To use items, you have to hold L2 whilst simultaneously scrolling down to the desired item with the right analog stick, then pressing X. To equip or reload a weapon manually, it's exactly the same but with R2. And that's whilst you're battling enemies too! No start menu so you can take a breather, crack open an energy drink and reload your weapon. >.>
  • Reaper911 - July 29, 2009 11:13 a.m.

    i luv the intro sum41-still waiting.

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Release date: Apr 06 2005 - PS2, PC, Xbox (US)
Available Platforms: PS2, PC, Xbox
Genre: Shooter
Published by: DreamCatcher Interactive
Developed by: Hydravision Entertainment
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Mature: Blood, Language, Violence