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  • tonster - January 31, 2014 12:20 a.m.

    hey, I was just curious. I have played my fair share of NBA Street and have unlocked everything I can thus far. I have won over 400 games, with a .954 win percentage. which i know is by far not the best at all, but anyways. The reason I am writing is because out of all of the times i have won and all of the unlockables and achievements i have complete, I am still not shown on the "city circuit champs" or "hold the court legends" lists in the high scores menu. I literally have every single high score in the menu except those two. I was just wondering if anyone knew how i could make the lists or at least why i am not on them? My brother also played the game on a different profile and he made the "city circuit champs" list after winning just one circuit. I was just wondering if you had any info. thank you.

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