Music video for Goldfish's “We Come Together” packs nonstop retro references

Close your eyes and listen to this new cut from South African electronica outfit Goldfish. Perfectly serviceable house-bounce, right? A little Junior Senior, a bit Felix Da Housecat? Okay, now watch the clip. If that isn't the densest, most in-joke laden, lawsuit-courting-est music video you've ever seen, clearly you come from an alternate universe where retrogaming shout-outs have replaced the English language as the dominant mode of communication.

Above: Old games and feces exploding out the back of Kenny G's head. Goldfish know their audience: everyone in the world (except possibly Kenny G)

Those with a love for old-time gaming and a passion for exhaustive cataloguing – two groups who share more than a little overlap – will need to watch this video with notebook in hand and a fast finger on the freezeframe. You've got Sonic, Burnout Paradise, Bubble Bobble, ExciteBike, Super Mario and Angry Birds – and that's just while the clip's warming up in the first 30 seconds. The art was put together by a bunch of artists and animators all over the world: click here for a look at the making-of video for this pixel-art labor of love.

How do you like this video? Would you like to see more of the gaming aesthetic invading the music-video world? Let us know.

May 23, 2011


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