More South Park coming to Xbox 360. Potential for best Kinect game yet?

How we imagine a Kinect-enabled South Park game would look

Above: A Kinect-enabled South Park Golf game is full of potential for greatness...

Above: Kinect may have a bad rep at the moment... but it can change!

Above: Now, instead of buying a whole hand puppet, you can buy a Kinect and play hand puppetry for free!

Above: People will respect your authority much more when you have a virtual Kinect nightstick

Above: "Did you hear that, unlikely nuclear family sibling? I just farted!" "You did? Bahahahahaha! Oh... ewww"

While these made-up game modes would undoubtedly rock, the exact content of the next Xbox 360 South Park game has yet to be confirmed. So until then, you'll just have to settle for making your own fart jokes.Mmmmmmkay?



13 July, 2011


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