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Monsters, Inc. Cheats

  • Level Codes

    Level 2: YMB2VN
    Level 3: LRB13G
    Level 4: 4RB97C
    Level 5: 7QCZB9
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  • Level Passwords

    Level 1: SLLY
    Level 2: BDRM
    Level 3: M1KE
    Level 4: P4PR
    Level 5: N1T3
    Level 6: D4Y-
    Level 7: M1NC
    Level 8: L4B-
    Level 9: SN0W
    Level 10: SL3D
    Level 11: L4BB
    Level 12: V4LT

    There are bosses at the end of levels 8, 11, and 12.
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  • Area Codes

    Area 2 - SZCZB3
    Area 3 - X9D2BN
    Area 4 - W9FZDM
    Area 5 - 72GOB8
    Himalayas Cave SN0W
    Himalayas Sled SL3D
    Monsters Inc 1 M1K3
    Monsters Inc 2 P4PR
    Monsters Inc 3 M1NC
    Monstropolis Day D4Y-
    Monstropolis Night N1T3
    Scare Floor BDRM
    Secret Lab 1 L4B-
    Secret Lab 2 L4BB
    Sulley's Apartment SLLY
    The Doorvault V4LT

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  • Movie slides

    Each time you receive a bronze medal you get a bonus movie clip. You can view these clips in the lobby. After entering the lobby you can go over to the movie section and select the clip you want to watch.
    Submitted by gamester101
  • Challenge Randall

    After you have completed the Orientation and gathered the bronze medals from the Urban section you can find Randall on Scare Island. He will ask you if you want to challenge him. If you have completed the Urban section you can challenge him to the Urban pursuit challenge, if you have completed the Desert section you can challenge him to the Desert pursuit section and so on.Collect enough tokens and beat Randall to win. There are also bonus live tokens along the way.
    Submitted by gamester101
  • Unlimited Tries

    To get tries get 100 goop things. 100 goop= 1 try.
    Submitted by Sulley

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