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Mario Party 4 Hints

  • Charactar Taunt

    Taunt other characters by pressing L, if you want a slower version hold L+Cdown, if you want a faster version hold L+Cdown.
    Submitted by Michael De Los Santos
  • Koopa Beach Place Hint

    Ok first you go by a monkey banana junction and to pick which way you want to go Use the control stick and push up use the control Pad and Push up and the C stick and push up
    Submitted by Baby Bowser
  • Mario's castle board

    If you successfully get a new high score on every mini game (except bowser games). After you have, go to the main selection screen. You will see toad. He will reward you with the new board. You can only play this in party mode.
    Submitted by Richard Stiehler

Mario Party 4 Unlockables

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