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Killer Instinct Cheats

  • Turn into the best fighter

    Hold left and press a when it shows the fighters that have been chosen
    Submitted by Jediteach
  • Play as eyedol

    Press select,start,b,a in that order at the vs screen there should be a noise to confirm it worked
    Submitted by None
  • Orchid's humiliation

    When you have ko'd the person at the end, press l, d, r, punch when you are standing next to them.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Glacius tricks

    To shoot a fireball, roll your finger from down to right and then press B as fast as you can.

    To slide up on the person ,roll your finger from down to right and then press A.
    Submitted by Kimmy
  • Awesome victory

    Jago:f f b A
    Sabrewolf:b b f B
    Chief Thunder:d d+f f A
    Glacius:b+d d d+f f A
    Submitted by Daniel Hentze

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