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  • Submitted by Matt Beisser

Halflife: Team Fortress Classic Cheats

  • Gravity

    Host your own game and make sure your console command window is set as the button ~, press it and a window will come down, type in sv_gravity ***, fill in the *** with as many numbers as you want, the normal gravity is 600 -700. have fun.
    Submitted by Dr. Evil A.K.A David
  • Get any Weapon

    To get any weapon you want, first the server must type in: "sv-cheats 1" then, in battle go to the console (~) and type: "give tf_weapon_???" replace the ??? with weapon you want:
    auto cannon=ac
    rocket launcher=rl
    gerande launcher=gl
    pipe bomb launcher=pl
    tranquilizer gun=tranq
    chain gun=ac
    rocket Launcher=rpg
    super shotgun=supershotgun
    flamethrower= flamethrower
    note: if you have trouble getting a weapon, find what it says when a person gets killed with it
    Submitted by Dr. Evil A.K.A David
  • Heavy Power Sniper

    Heavy Power Sniper
    Join a game that has a level with a stationary machine game(total war). join the game as a sniper walk up to the gun with your sniper gun out, gain control of the machine gun and just sniper in, your accurracy will be a lot better with this.
    Submitted by PaCMaN
  • Various Cheats

    After you got the console working, here are some cheats you can type in:
    1)sv_friction-makes it how fast you go on the ground. You must activate the sv_cheats 1 first.
    2)Changelevel ??-to change the level you are on if it is your own server. Fill the ?? with the name of the level.
    3)mp_allowmonsters-If you are doing a level from another mod, or trying to see the monsters, this will activate them, but you must restart the level after you type it in.
    Submitted by PaCMaN

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