Available on: GBA, PS2

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Guilty Gear X Cheats

  • How to unlock Dizzy and Testament

    For Testament beat the game with the very very Hard setting with lest 90% of all characters and then he will appear in the player select screen. To get Dizzy beat survival and get to at least 80 kills and up. The 2 bosses should be selectable. Alternatively you can go to the Press Start screen and press Down, Right, Right, Up, Start
    Submitted by [Xeno]_Xenogears clan For CS
  • Get Guilty Gear Mode

    Finish level 100 in survival mode
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  • Unlock dizzy and testament (the real way)

    All you really have to do to unlock dizzy and testament is beat the game once.
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  • New Outfits

    When picking a fighter press Start or Select
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Available Platforms: GBA, PS2