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  • Get Full Pause Screen

    After pausing the game press X + Y
    Submitted by None
  • Level Up Trick

    Usa a auto fire controller and go to the 1st level in the mountain world. Now go to the 1st set of stairs and fix the controller to auto fire at the green trolls coming at you. Leave on overnight for huge levels??
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Characters

    Reach level 30, go to character management, pick "new" & press B. Use Valkeyre, warrior, archer, or wizard.
    Submitted by White Devil
  • Quick Level Up( The Easy Way)

    You need to go into the level 4 of the Mountain level and get the anti death halo. Once you have it find Death and wake him up. Make sure that you don't kill him. Then instead of you getting your level takin away from you. You take a level from him.
    Submitted by Eric Main

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