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Dynasty Warriors 2 Cheats

  • Get Every Character - Japanese Version

    Go to the title screen and press Square, Square, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square, Square
    Get All Characters (American Version)
    Press Square, R1, Square R2, Square R2, Square R1 at the title screen. You'll hear a battle cry is you are correct!
    All characters (Austrailian)
    To get all 23 characters , enter the following code at the character selection screen: square, square, L1, L2, R1, R2, square, square.
    Get All Wei generals (American Version)
    Press Square, Square, Square, Square, R2, R2, R1, R1 at the title screen. You'll hear a battle cry is you are correct!
    Get All Wu generals (American Version)
    Press Square, Square, R2, R2, R1, R1, Square, Square at the title screen. You'll hear a battle cry is you are correct!
    Get BMG Test (American Version)
    Press L1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, R1, L2, R2 at the title screen. You'll hear a battle cry is you are correct!
    Get opening Edit Option (American Version)
    Press R2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, R1, L1 at the title screen. You'll hear a battle cry is you are correct!
    Get Background Music Test Option in Options screen - Japanese
    Go to the title screen and push R1, R1, R2, R2, L1, L1, L2, L2
    Get Zhang Liao and Xiahou Yuan
    Use any Wei Member to finish Musou mode
    Get Gan Ning, Lu Meng and Taishi Ci
    Use any Wu Member to finish Musou mode
    Get Ma Chao, Huang Zhong & Jiang Wei
    Use any Shu Member to finish Musou mode
    Get Free Mode Characters Dong Zhuo, Zhang Jiao, Diao Chan and Yuan Chao
    Finish Musou mode with at least 1 member from each kingdom. You will also get side selection doing this
    Get All Shu Generals - Japanese version
    Go to the title screen and press Square, R1 (5 times), R2 (2 times)
    All Shu Genrals (American Version)
    At the main menu press Square,Square,R1,R1,Square,Square,R2,R2 you will here a battle cry if you did this code correctly.
    Get Edit Mode - Japanese Version
    Go to the title screen and press L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1 OR finish musou mode with all characters except Dong Zhuo, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, and Zhang Jiao
    Be Zhuge Liang
    Use the following characters to finish Musou mode - Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, and Jiang Wei.
    Be Liu Bei
    Use all Shu members (Zhuge Liang too) to finish Musou mode
    Be Sima Yi
    Use the following characters to finish Musou mode - Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Dian Wei, Xu Chu, and Zhang Liao.
    Be Cao Cao
    Use all Wei members (Sima Yi too) to finish Musou mode
    Be Sun Quan
    Use all Wu members to finish Musou mode
    Get Lu Bu in Free Mode
    Get 1000 KO's in Musou stage 2
    Regain Health
    Get to a save point in the game and when asked if you want to save pick no. When you go back to the game your health is restored. This works with or without a memory card.
    Easy way to beat the Hu Lao Gate
    On character select pick DianWei and skip all the people until you get to a boss that has a red name over his head and kill 'em.Then when you come up to HuaXiong kill him and go inside the gate and skip all the people until you get to LuRu and defeat him and go inside the gate that he was blocking and you will see DongZhou he will be in red and run up the stairs(Hu Lao Gate stairs)and kill all the bow people and use your bow and aim at DongZhou from a top the Hu Lao Gate and keep on firing until DongZhou is dead and when he is he will say "NO I cannot die now" and you beat the level also now.
    Earn Your Characters Up easy
    If you play a level in Free Mode that you can beat your character will become more powerful. The Hu Lao Gate is a great place to earn stuff.
    More musou charge bar
    On any level(musou mode and free mode)and if you pick any character,you could have a longer musou charge bar. Just press and hold circle and your musou charge bar will be longer then ever. Hint,the bigger your life is, the longer the attack will be
    Easy earning your attack, life, and defense.
    All you have to do is go to Free mode and pick Yellow Turban Rebellion and make your side on the Yellow Turbans fighting against the Imperial Forces. Make sure that you don't kill the important leaders first (like Cao Cao or Liu Bei or Sun Quan) because the leaders under them (Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, and any Wu member) will try to escape out of the gates. Also kill He Jinn last.
    Hit Combo Code
    In case you don't know,to raise an attack+ or a defense +,use your musuo arrows and watch the hit combo number at the corner use this on generals and gate captains.(Note:you must have a full musuo gage to use the musuo arrows)
    Now here are the hit combo numbers you need to raise attack and defense:
    1-7 hit combo:+1 attack or defense
    8-15 hit combo:+2 attack or defense
    16-22 hit combo:+4 attack or defense
    23-+23 hit combo:+ 8 attack or defense
    Health +10 Locations
    Here are just a few of the Health +10 power up locations that I have found: (1) In any level when you fight the Kingdom of Wu (Red Army) deafeat Sun Shang Xiang and she will give up a +10 power up, (2) In the Hu Lao Gate level go to the top of the Fan Shui Gate and there will be one in a clay jar, and (3) teh alst one I found was on the very last level of Liu Bei's campaign in Cao Cao's castle defeat Cao Pi to get one.
    Mysterious Sword Location
    To get the mysterious sword you must be on Liu Bei's side on the battle of Chang Ban. After Cao Cao's main force arrives go toward Cao Cao and defeat one of his lower generals named Xiahou En, he is extremely easy to defeat so don't worry about losing to him. The sword that he drops will give you Attack +10, that's more than you would get if you defeated Lu Bu on the Hu Lao Gate level!
    Easy Way To Beat Liu Bei
    You can beat Liu Bei on the last stage easily if you are member of the Wei Kingdom, or Wu Kingdom. All you have to do is make it to the castle where Liu Bei is waiting for you, but before you can get the door open you have to defeat his prime minister. Defeat him first, then go into the castle then right when you walk in take a left up to the stairs. ThenWhen you get up their, take a right then walk until you see where Liu Bei is on your map then aim your arrows at him an kill him. He may replenish his health a couple of times, but you won't take any damage. EASY!
    Get the Golden Sword on Hunlao Gate
    You can get the golden sword and get your attack up +8 if you defeat Lu Bu. But just to be safe and make sure that you get it, try to do a high combo on him.
    3 more +10 max life
    Ok you already know about the 3 +10 life (thank you game master) but me and my friend found 3 more. Ok here they are. Go to Yellow Turban Rebellion on FREE MODE!! Note: you must be a caracter that can enter as yellow turban forces. All you have to do is kill: Lui Bei, Sun Jian, and Cao Cao.
    Liu Bei's Child location...
    In the battle of Chang Ban, around the area where the houses are, near the southwest tip on the left side of the map you will have to do a bit of searching, you will find 2 boxes with a jar next to them, break the boxes to find Liu Bei's child..
    Another Mysterious Sword
    When you are the Wu army in He Fei.When Zhang Liao comes into the bottom left corner, defeat him and you get an extra +10 attack!! He is kinda difficult though so be careful.
    2 More +10 Life
    Ok I found 2 more +10 life locations, In Chi Bi there is 1 in the top right corner next to a Wu gate in a clay jar. And there's another on Chang Ban near Dian Wei's army by a Shu gate.
    4 +10 life locations
    In the level HU LAO GATE if you play on dong zhoa or whatever his name is.You can defeat Cao Cao,Lei Bei,Gonsanyu? and Sun juian each will give you 10 +life
    10+attack location
    In the battle of he fei when on sun quan side if you defeat Zhang Liao he will give up a 10+ attack sword.And in chang bang when on cao cao's side if you defeat Zhao Yun he will also give up a 10+ attack sword.
    Health +10, Mysterious Sword, and a Baby?!
    1) On any level when fighting against the kingdom of Wei (Blue) defeat Cao Pi to get a Health +10, 2) On the He Fei level defeat Zhang Liao to get the Mysterious Sword, and 3) In the Battle at Chang Ban go to the village in the south-west corner of the map, then go to the far west-side of the village and you should see a bunch of crates and pots destroy them all to reveal a baby wrapped in a cloth (It looks like a bread roll) you will get +2000 points at the end of the level!
    Get +8 defense
    When you are a member of the Shu Kingdom, you can also be a member from any other kingdom in free mode, but to play this level in Musou Mode, you must be a member from the Shu Kingdom.(Liu Bei, Guan Yu or Zhang Fei...) Anyways, at the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, defeat Sima Yi(he is by Cao Cao) and he will drop a golden shield.
    Yet, another Mysterious Sword
    When you are playing the battle of Chang Ban in free mode, there is a way to earn the mysterious sword. First, you must be on Cao Cao's army. To get the sword defeat Zhao Yun, but be careful because he is very strong, so don't pick a weakling to fight him.
    Waterfall at He Fei
    In Mosou Mode or Free Mode,pick any character and go to the Battle at He Fei and go to where Xiahou Yuan is.Next,go towards the closest bridge(It should be the one that leads to Cao Cao's temple).Go toward the closest end of the bridge and face the stream next to the bridge.Finally,use your bow and arrow view to look up.You will see a rushing waterfall(This cheat is useless but is fun to look at).
    Tons of Health +10 Locations
    On the Yellow Turban Rebellion stage or Hu Lao Gate stage ally yourself with either the Yellow Turbans or Dong Zhuo's forces then just defeat the sub-generals(Cao Cao, Lu Bei, Sun Jian, Gongsun San) they will yield a health +10 power-up(when playing the Hu Lao Gate don't forget the one on top of the Fan Shui gate). Another one is on the Chang Ban level play on Cao Cao's side then go to the Shu(Green) controlled gate toward the bottom of the map, you will see some clay pots in that general area, break them to reveal a health +10.
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