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  • Beating the Giant Flying Machines

    When your doing the aerial missions and you have to fight the giant flying machines, all you have to do is destroy the wings on either side, then destroy the little propellers below the wings you just destroyed, and then all you have to do is destroy a couple guns and it blows up completely.
    Secret Sword
    Some of u mite no about this sword but after the movie were the whole battle field gets nuked by fireballs and u have to run and talk to the valdamort or what ever his name is guy. don't go to him just yet because if u talk to one of the guys on the ground who looks like he's holding his foot and sitting up. He'll give u a cool samari sword that's from his father.
    P.S. If u want to upgrade your swords go to story mode and go to the very first level were u can just hack awy at guys and u'll never run out. remember story mode not expidition.
    Speed Atacks
    When you are charging at a troop and see that boost, just keep on going. when you reach them do not stop, just before you reach the first guy press square and it will inflict damage to your enemy's health. The amount of damage inflicted depends on how strong your weapon is and how strong your enemy is. Ciam's sword will kill the enemy with that attack the first time, but the sword has to be at level 4.
    Speed Attack #2
    When charging your enemy wait for the boost before you attack. just before you reach the first guy press X to jump then while you are in the press square and Ciam will slam down the sword and that will send a shock wave and inflict damage to your enemy's health. Again the stronger your weapon is the stronger the blast, and the stronger the enemy, the weaker the effect is.
    Speed Attack #3
    Yes, it is me again but this attack is really cool too, do the exact thing that you did for Speed Attack #2 until you get to were you have to jump. When you get to that point go ahead and jump, but when you press square press left on the arrow keys at the same time. When you do this Caim will swing his sword left and send a shock wave to your enemy. The whole damage ordeal is the same.
    To get Slauterum
    To get this sword you must go to chapter 10 verse 2 and you absolutely must be in normal difficulty or it will not work. When you get into this level don't worry about the first floor enemies unless you want experience if not head straight to the second floor and kill all the enemies after you do so look on the map and you will see a blinking blue treasure box go there and that's the sword.
    Easy Level Up Weapons
    Okay, first you have to get a weapon that has a long magic attack range and it has to be powerful, (ex.Windsinger level 4).Now,get the weapon with the magic attack and long range and use the magic attack on a large group of enemies. Once the attack hits switch to another weapon that has a low level and keep it held while the attack finishes off the rest of the enemies. This way you can level up your weak weapons and kill enemies w/o having to use your low-level weapon.
    One of the hardest fights in the game is the giant worm over the capital. he has a load of little dragons that surround him and keep you from getting close. the trick is fly away until he is just out of range [this will also keep you safe from the baby's attacks], then do a quick turn and as soon as he is in range, blast 3 fireballs at him. DO NOT USE MULTI LOCK 'CAUSE THE MINI-DRAGONS GET IN THE WAY. immediately quick turn and retreat until he is out of range. repeat until he is dead. his attacks are fairly easy to avoid if you pay attention but cause a lot of damage. when he becomes a ball swoop in and attack 'cause he'll be gaining health. hit him in all 3 ball forms to get him to return to normal.
    An Easier Way to Beat Sierre
    When your fighting her at the end of the game. don't use your huge missile fire attack because she always blocks it with her big energy ball. wait until you hurt her enough to make her shoot these huge purple things. after you have used the missile fire thing then just keep shooting her in the stomach. you will not want to be hit before you get her mad. because you will get killed much quicker if you don't have almost perfect health.
    Change Your Clothes and your Dragon's Color
    When Caim(The Main Character)gets the Glory's Bane(Caim's Sword)on it's Maxed level as well as all his other weapons and your character go to the title screen and hold down L1,L2,R1,AND,R2 a screen should pop up and then you choose your armor, your gauntlets , your pants, and ,boots, and, your dragon's color like black blue (ext).
    Unlock Sky Mission Jet
    Finish the free mission that appears after finishing chapter 13. A jet will appear that can be used for sky missions. Scroll on the dragon select menu way down and pick the ??? option to get the jet
    Charge Run Skill Up
    Find a wall and run against it constantly to charge your run skill up
    Free Expedition
    Beat any verse to make it available for expedition mode
    Flight Mode
    to avoid fire: Sometimes when your on the dragon those things with the cannons and machine guns start shooting at you and its hard to avoid it. Well, if you come at them from an angle, you can usually avoid their fire. Note that this does work, just not all the time.
    Also, its easier to avoid fire if you don't dodge until its pretty close to you. That way, your enemies next attack might miss too.
    Attacking: If you need to kill fast don't use the crappy lock-on! It won't always hit! Rather, when the targeting icon turns red, mash the square button.
    Random:You fly up high and then turn straight down. Right before you hit the barrier you'll hit if you go too low, pull up and you'll get a small speed(really small) boost. Use the L1/R1 trick to turn around quickly.
    In the one level in chap. 3, use the quick turn to kill the 3 prison guards. They have regenerating health, so if you want to kill them, you have to. Also, the magic breath attack doesn't do that much damage,so only use it as a last result.
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