Crackdown generals guide - Shai-Gen

The Shai-Gen are the most dangerous and difficult gang in the game. They should be tackled last, when your skills are very close to their peak. The Shai-Gen buildings are by far the toughest to break into and scale, with their lack of ledges and very few entrances. These entrances can very quickly turn into bottlenecks full of extremely well-armed Shai-Gen. So – as the disembodied voice tells you – speed and surprise should always figure heavily in your arsenal. Alongside a rocket launcher, of course.

If your mutant super abilities aren't quite super enough yet to take on the Shai-Gen, check out our Los Muertos or Volk  guides.


Czernenko is probably the easiest general to take out. The lack of vehicles and lots of cover make his fortress the easiest to break into for a lightning quick attack. Your agility will need to be near its peak here, as the easiest way to get inside is to go up and over the ribbed circular walls to the right of the main road that leads to Czernenko’s complex. Once up there, keep strafing and shooting at the snipers on top, but try and head to the far left of the roof, where there will be steps leading down.

Once on the ground, head around the building in an anti-clockwise fashion, as the only real entrance inside is here, where there are makeshift defenses made out of boxes. Head inside, and use the wall on your right as cover. This is where you meet Czernenko’s ‘experiments’. They are extremely tough up close, so make sure you’re tooled up with a powerful machine gun or shot gun. Once you’ve regained your health, you need to start making your way up the levels that are built into the walls. Keep heading up and use the balconies as cover by ducking as much as possible.

There is a secret passageway into Czernenko’s building, and this can be found underneath a small bridge, next to where there’s a purple checkpoint race marker.

Czernenko will be hiding in an office that you need to break into at the top of the building. Use rockets to break in, and fire rockets with gusto at his henchmen. Your shields might have taken a battering by now, so try and keep your distance and just keep firing until he goes down.

If you can’t break into the control room, there’s a way in via a prison chamber which is a floor from the top. Leap up and surprise Czernenko and his guards from behind.

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