Crackdown generals guide - Los Muertos

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a super-cop, genetically engineered to do just two things – kill and destroy. What’s more, he’s you. Your mission? To rid the streets of three of the most vicious gangs ever. To do that, you need to take out the generals; all twenty-one of them. Our first day of coverage reveals the tricks to defeating the generals of Los Muertos. Tomorrow we'll expose the weaknesses of The Volk, and our third day will wrap things up with the Shai-Gen.

Los Muertos is the first gang you should take on, as the other two gangs sport a combination of being much better armed, reinforced and on much more difficult terrain to manage. Having said that, the missions here can still frustrate, as most of the generals will be on rooftops that aren’t made easily scaleable whilst you’re in your early days of skill-honing. You’ll have to find stairs or ledges that are manageable, or things that will give you a leg up (ie. dustbins and cars).

Go over the purple circle, pick up the agency supercar and get in. Once out of the agency building, the destination is marked on your map in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Head up onto the freeway and head back down it. Jump up the side of the roof and kill the gang members there to open up your first supply dump. Jump back in a car and head off downtown to kick some Los Muertos arse.


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