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  • Submitted by Zhou Tai An

Cannon Spike Cheats

  • Cammy with different costume

    At the character select screen, highlight Cammy, then press up or down, then you will see that she got a different costume. ONLY CAMMY CAN DO THIS!
    Submitted by ET
  • 2 Hidden Characters

    After finishing the game once with any characters or levels. Two hidden characters (Megaman and Little Red Lady) are available to use, they are on the left and the right. You can see them unless you highlight them.
    Submitted by ET
  • Hidden Mode

    After finishing the game once with any characters or levels. There is a new mode called Gallery Art, there are many funny and cute and kool pictures. More pictures will be available as you finish the game with different characters!
    Submitted by ET
  • Mega Man & B.B. Hood

    To unlock mega-man, highlight Charlie and press left. to unlock b.b. hood, highlight simone and press right.
    Submitted by David Phan
  • Play as BB Hood

    Go to Character Selection Screen highlight Sibia(somthing like this)and move to right
    Submitted by Tan Siang
  • Play as Megaman

    When you are at the Character Selection Screen Highlight Nash and move to left.
    Submitted by Tan Siang

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