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BurgerTime World Tour Unlockables

  • BurgerTime: World Tour achievements

    Entry location: Achievement list
    American Cheese (10 points)
    Complete All USA BurgerTime World Tour Levels

    Luchador Lunch (10 points)
    Complete All Mexico BurgerTime World Tour Levels

    French Fries (10 points)
    Complete All France BurgerTime World Tour Levels

    Banzai Burger (10 points)
    Complete All Japan BurgerTime World Tour Levels

    Hardcore (20 points)
    Complete Each Level Without Dying

    It's Burger Time! (10 points)
    Complete All BurgerTime World Tour Levels

    Spatula Man (10 points)
    Hit 100 Enemies With The Spatula

    Master Chef (20 points)
    Win An Online Multiplayer Game

    Dirty Burger (20 points)
    Crush 2 Other Players In Multiplayer With A Single Ingredient

    Burger Please (20 points)
    Collect All Burger Letters In A Level

    I Am A Grill Champion (20 points)
    Get A 3+ Star Ranking On All Levels

    I Am A Burger God (40 points)
    Get A 5 Star Ranking On All Maps
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