Available on: PS2

Bloody Roar 3 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Bloody Roar 3 Cheats

  • Debug Mode (Import Version)

    Go to the options screen off the main menu and hold L2 and press Circle
    Get Extra Mode
    Beat 9 or more enemies in survival mode
    Get Kohryu
    Using arcade mode beat Kohryu on stage 5
    Get Uranus
    Beat the game on arcade mode w/o continuing. After beating Xion, there will be a "special stage" where you will fight uranus. Beat her, and she's yours.
    Sumo wrestling mode
    Beat the game 20 times in a row with the same character then come anywhere in the top 10 in survival mode
    Sudden Death Survival
    Reach level 10 in survival mode.
    Getting to Kohryu
    To get to Kohryu in stage, you must first get to stage five in arcade mode without losing a single round. It can be set on any difficulty level...
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Available Platforms: PS2