Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Cheats

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Chris Altenbern


    Amalgam 32,000 Party: Klein, Marietta, Arlin
    This fight will be sort of easy depending on when you heal and what moves you use. Amalgam's reall serious moves would be reason's requiem and elemental extraction. When he uses one of those moves, autimaticly switch klein with norn because she is the most useless person in this fight.Arlin should probably be using bull's eye, Marietta should be using thunder god and klein should be using power item, dragon gem or lightning rod. When ever Amalgam uses a two turn attack, autimaticly use Arlin's double attack. It should get a skill break about 90% of the time.Keep healing and reviving with heal bulb and new life. Complete this process until Amalgam is dead. If you haven't yet beaten the game and got Arlin back replace him with Lita.She should be using Meteor Smash (the last form of rock smash.)

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Aroma Upgrade

    If you use aroma on certain mana it will become a new one.example:use aroma on dark mana and it will be evil mana.

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Filling Up Your Elements

    When you first start the game and get to the first town (Kavoc), here's a good way to get you elements up. In the middle of the town square, there are a bunch of barrels, crates flowers, and items. Use Klein's element extraction on all of them. When there are no more left, just leave that part of town and come back and they'll all be there again, except for the bag of money. This really helps bring up your water, wood, and fire elements.

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Hidden Skills

    Delsus Spirit Attack
    Before heading to Arcose when they open the mines. Talk to the old man in Lake Forwell. Have Gogo Suit and Snickerdoodle ready to give to him.
    Norn's Illusion Attack
    In the playground, during or after you do the test in the Playground, arrange all the purple pieces on all the squares (all 4 corners and the center)
    Klein's Living Item Attack
    Once you've spoken to Zeldalia, speak to her again. She will give you the choice of Living Item or a Mana Item. Choose. You'll get the other later on.

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Quick Money!

    After you get the flying technique, go to the bottom of Cleft of Nelvia and fly across to the far right hand side of the waterfall to get Palm Fishes and etc. Sell them at stores for quick money.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Bonus Material

    To unlock Bonus Material that can be viewed at the Title screen you need to show Items to Lector who resides in the Collector's Caravan. The more items you show her, the more chances you have to unlock Art Galleries, Movies, Character Backgrounds and more!
    Klien's Background/Picture: Collect "Klien's Cane" and "Medicine" and show them to Lector, this completes the "Travel Kit" series of items.
    Music Tracks "Midnight Illusion" and "A Genesis": Collect "Sweet Lando", "Lovely Lando" and a "Tingleberry" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Sweet Fruit" series of items.
    Gallery Art01 Collect at least 150 items and show them to Lector
    Music Tracks "Revelation Introduction" and "Shopping in Kavoc": Collect the items "Swimsuit" and "Sexy Bikini" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Summer Special" series of items
    Music Tracks:"Sleeping Truth" and "Space of Horror": Collect the items "Big Pumpkin", "Hard Carrot" and "GariGari Nuts" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Hard Food" series of items
    Art Gallery Art02: Show Lector at least 210 items
    Arlin's Character Gallery/ Picture: Collect "PalmFish" and a "Palm Snowbug" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Life's Gift" series of items.
    Delsus's Character Gallery/ Picture: Collect "Pretty Stained", "Gogo Suit" and "Silver Pants" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Player's Kit" series of items.
    Picture: Image 8: Collect "Fresh Sashimi" and "Deviled Sashimi" and show them to Lector. This unlocks the "Banzai Seafood" series of items.
    Music Tracks "Night Together" and "Anchors and Fishooks": Collect the items "Fresh Dancing","Fresh Smoking", and "Fresh Poison" and show them to Lector, this completes the "Triple Mushroom" series of items
    Music Tracks"Shopping in Arcose", "Moment of Wind" and "City of Bells": Collect the items "Phoenix Quil" and "Phoenix Tail" and show them to Lector, this completes the "After the Phoenix" series of items.
    Music Tracks"Hot or Cool?" and "Inferno": Collect "Bomb Armor" and "Fire Cane" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Burning Soul" series of items.
    Popo's Character Gallery/Art: Collect "Dunkelhite" and show it to Lector. This completes the "Green Power" series of items.
    Lita's Character Galllery/Art: Collect "Animal Paw" and "Rosie Ann BunH" and show them to Lector. This completes the "Lita's Fav" series of items.
    Art Gallery Art03: Show Lector at least 251 items

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonstah

    Bonus Dungeon and Arlin

    After beating Amalgam, watch the ending then save the bonus data. Load game, go to your base to trigger a scene about a new dungeon in Ka Luda's Playground. Now go to Ka Luda's Playground, use float ability to find a new portal on a boulder near southwest entrance to reach Mull's Dungeon. You'll also get Arlin to rejoin your party in Mull's Dungeon.