Age of Empires Mythologies Cheats

  • Quick Myth Points

    Under mulitplayer, choose hot seat. From here you can create a game with up to four players... and control each of them. Each time you win a hot-seat game you get 10 myth points, so just make three of the civilizations lose, and you get 10 myth points. This way you don't have to beat the complicated games in order to get bonuses.
    Submitted by Siri

Age of Empires Mythologies Hints

  • Second Hero

    You get a second hero when you reach Age 3.
    Submitted by trashit

Age of Empires Mythologies Unlockables

  • Unlockable Heroes

    Ladon the Lamia - Beat the Greek campaign.
    Setekh - Beat the Egyptian campaign.
    Submitted by Gilly
  • Achievements

    Asgardian - Create one of every Norse Myth unit
    Berserker - Complete the Norse Campaign missions on hard
    Blessed of Asgard - Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Norse core hero
    Blessed of Egypt - Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Egyptian core Hero
    Blessed of Olympus - Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each Greek core her
    Cartographer - Win a 4 player game with the whole map explored
    Cryptozoologist - Create one of every Myth unit
    Demigod - Complete the Greeek Campaign missions on hard
    Devout - Win 10 games by Temple control
    Don't Open the box! - Win or lose a game where Pandora's box appears, but is not claimed
    Egyptian Conquerer - Complete the Egyptan Campaign
    Egyptologist - Create one of every Egyptian myth unit
    Greek Conquerer - Complete the Greek Campaign
    Greek Studies - Create one of every Greek Myth unit
    Hero - Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games with each culture
    High Priest - Use each Major and Minor god at least once in a multiplayer skirmish game
    High Warlord - Win a multiplayer or skirmish game with each core hero
    Huskari - Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Norse
    Khepesh - Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Egyptians
    Kingslayer - Kill an enemy hero three times in the same multiplayer or skirmish game
    Myrmidon - Win 5 multiplayer Skirmish games as the Greeks
    Norse Conquerer - Complete the Norse Campaign
    Opened the box - Win or lose a game while controlling Pandora's box
    Pacifist - Win a game without attacking any enemy units
    Pharoh - Complete the Egyptian campaign on hard
    Play 1 game on Wi-Fi - Pay 1 game on Wi-Fi
    Sacraficial Lamb - Attack an enemy unit or building with an Egyptian Villager or Greek Architect
    Spelunker - Complete all Underworld scenarios
    Studious - Complete the Tutorial Campaaign
    Tourist - Complete all Egyptian scenarios
    Vacationer - Complete all Greek scenarios
    Wanderer - Complete all Norse scenarios
    Warlord - Win 10 games by Conquest
    Submitted by Cleo

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More Info

Release date: Nov 24 2008 - DS (US)
Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Strategy
Published by: THQ
Developed by: THQ
Franchise: Age of Empires
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Mild Violence
PEGI Rating:


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