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  • whelan58 - January 7, 2010 7:12 p.m.

    hey guys, its me whelan58 your thinking,why is this dude commenting on this game huh? well,i actually own the game 25 to life,SWEEEEEEET!ya your thinking 25 to life not bad, not AWESOME!especially multi player, live,system link,it gets good when you get the bonus beatdown(i haven't actually played it but when u get all objectives done u get to try it out)anyway i just came to say that guys,i wouldn"t rate this game average,but mabye 8-9 or sumthin like that.anyway,if u have any comments on what i just posted just send me an email at worry i read and reply to all comments i jjust keep on playing and dont get ur head shot off!

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