10 Miami Vice clips!

Check out Farrell and Foxx in 10 chunks of Michael Mann’s undercover dope actioner

There are plenty out there who are convinced that a big screen Miami Vice ain’t going to be all that nice - but we in the totalfilm.com basement will reserve judgement for three very good reasons…

One – the Miami Vice TV show rocked, simple as that…

Two – Michael Mann produced it and is behind the camera for the big screen version

Three – We like speedboats, slick operators, raids, rumbles and really bad mullets…

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, two undercover cops who are willing to go deep to get an arrest. Plus the film is bolstered by a supporting cast featuring Brit Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 star Naomie Harris and Memoirs Of A Geisha girl Gong Li.

Take our advice, have a shufty at these ten clips that we’ve unearthed over at ropeofsilicon.com . They show Mann’s vision for the undercover cop show update in all its glory – the helmers trademark smooth visuals coupled with sharp dialogue and baking hot backdrops are all in place.

Source: ( ropeofsilicon )

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