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Why Sony’s OLED range of televisions are perfect for your PlayStation or gaming setup

Sony A90K
(Image credit: Sony)

When it comes to upgrading your gaming setup for a next-generation console, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to picking a television. If you’re a PlayStation owner, then you will already know how brilliant Sony’s products are, and the manufacturer’s TVs are the perfect way (opens in new tab) to make the most out of a new PS5 or a still-brilliant PS4 and other consoles.

First, it’s worth talking about the A90K OLED, the BRAVIA XR television that has been built with gaming in mind (opens in new tab). With gaming-specific features, along with the immersive picture and sound technologies available only on BRAVIA XR™, the XR A90K is Perfect for gaming. (opens in new tab)

The TV recognises when a console is connected and powered on. It then automatically switches to Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in HDMI 2.1 so you can enjoy smoother, more responsive gameplay. This is a vital feature for those who want the competitive edge in fast-moving, high-intensity games. 

With up to a massive 120 frames per second (4k/120fps) for near instant on-screen action, you can take on any shooting, sports, or high-performance challenge!  

Impressively, if you’re playing a game that would normally have a stuttering display or screen tearing, the screen has a Variable Refresh Rate that dynamically adjusts to give you a smooth gaming experience – all of which is automatically handled by the A90K. Essentially, If you want a competitive edge over your friends while playing Call of Duty Warzone, then you can’t do much better.

Sony A90K

(Image credit: Sony)

The A90K will get the best performance from your console thanks to its spectacular OLED screen. Not sure what that means? Well, you’ve probably heard of 4K HDR, and that’s a given with these high-end televisions, but OLED is a special technology that allows for the darkest blacks and the brightest colors to really shine. Of course, not only will your games look incredible, but your movies and TV watching will look arguably better than in some cinemas, every scene vibrant and diverse thanks to the stunning picture quality. 

What’s perhaps more impressive is how the A90K recognises the content you’re watching and automatically finds the optimum settings. Thanks to Genre Picture Mode, if you’re playing a game, then the TV will prioritise input lag. If you’re watching a movie, the TV switches the focus to picture processing. And there’s a lot to process – the A90K has access to over a billion colours. There’s even technology that will upscale 2K and HD content closer to 4K quality, the TV recreating textures and detail that would otherwise have been lost. Under the hood, there’s also XR OLED Motion technology that enhances your picture even further – the television creates extra frames to minimize blur for a smooth, bright, and guaranteed clear picture. 

Another important aspect of gaming is sound, and the A90K is somewhat unique in that the screen is the speaker. Thanks to two seemingly invisible actuators and a central subwoofer that are hidden beneath the main panel, you get a 2.1 surround sound that’s truly immersive. And like how Sony’s technology upscales the picture, there’s technology built-in that upscales everything to 3D surround sound, allowing for even the oldest games to submerge you into their world. All that while the speakers are contained within the TV’s tight shell. Plus, with two HDMI 2.1 ports and 120Hz refresh rates, the A90K will keep your setup future-proof for years to come.

Sony A90K

(Image credit: Sony)

The A90K comes in two sizes: the smaller 42" screen that’s available for £1399 at Curry’s (opens in new tab), saving you £300 compare to its original £1699 price tag. Or, for just £100 more, you can grab the 48” version from Curry’s for £1,499 (opens in new tab), which is also £300 off the TV’s previous price. If you’re wanting to go even bigger, then Curry’s exclusively has the A84K, a 77” OLED television with all the same features that’s available for £3499 (opens in new tab). Now that’s big!

If you’re in the market for something cheaper, then there are options available to you in the Sony range, namely the 55" X94K that’s priced at £1099 at Curry’s (opens in new tab). Unlike the A90K, the X94K has a Full Array LED screen, which may not quite be on par with an OLED screen, but the TV has the same HDMI 2.1 features, including Auto Low Latency Mode, making for an awesome gaming experience at a great price. 

Sony’s X95K also has great gaming features and comes in two sizes – 75” and 85” – so that you can go even bigger with your setup. The screens use Mini-LEDs for an awesome picture and starts at £3999 at Curry’s (opens in new tab). Finally, there’s Sony’s newest flagship TV: the A95K that utilises new QD-OLED technology to offer an even better picture. Plus, it has a tiny camera on top that sees where you’re sitting in a room and optimises the picture and sound for where you’re positioned. The 55" A95K is available from £2399 at Curry’s (opens in new tab), and the 65” version is £3199 (opens in new tab).

So, if you’re in the search for the perfect companion to your new PS5 or gaming set up (or looking to future-proof for when the console’s back in stock) then look no further than Sony’s brilliant array of televisions available at Curry’s (opens in new tab).