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Super Mario World Advance 2 Cheats

Super Mario World Advance 2 Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Clayton Sanford

    1 up Mushrooms at Ludwig's Castle

    Play on Ludwig's castle. One of the blocks above you can be jumped through. Jump through it to the top of the other blocks. Up there is a tube. Go down the tube. You are in a place where if you hit the right boxes you'll get a 1 up!

  • GBA | Submitted by wied dude

    A Bunch of Lives

    Top Secret Area

    Get the Yoshi and hit the middle box to get a 1-up mushroom. Then leave and come back with him and repeat until you have as many lives as you want.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jake Ciulla

    Defeating Bowser

    When Bowser throws his koopas at you, jump on one of them (A), pick the koopa up(B), hold B, jump, let go of B, and it should land right on Bowser's head.

  • GBA | Submitted by james chee

    Get an egg from Yoshi fast

    Be luigi or Mario and get a Yoshi. Go to Yoshi's house with Yoshi and eat all the apples and you'll get an egg.

  • GBA | Submitted by Matt

    Easy mode

    At main title screen press select for an easier game.

  • GBA | Submitted by Nicko

    10+ Lives

    First you go to the Forest of Illusion level 1. Then you goin the level. Next you beat the level. Go back in the level and get the half-way mark. Go a little further and you will see a revolving block.(one that goes mushroom, fire flower, cape feather and star) Wait untill it gets to the cape feather and hit the block. A star will appear. Get it and run very fast. First you will encounter a koopa, a little round brown thing, caterpillar, little round brown thing, green shell koopa, little round brown thing, caterpillar, green shelled koopa, caterpillar, green shelled koopa, caterpillar, green shelled koopa, caterpillar, green shelled koopa, two caterpillars in a row, a hammer thrower guy and a caterpillar. If you get all of those you will get 17 extra lives. And that is how it is done.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Exit

    On Donut Plains 2 duck into the second green pipe,then use R to smash down and reach the shell.Chuck it up at the highest yellow block to unveil a vine to Green Switch Palace.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jaws

    The Blue Switch Palace in World 5

    To find the blue switch palace, you have to follow these steps. First, you have to pass the half way mark. If you lost your cape feather, fire flower, and(or) your mushroom, press start and go to "save and quit." Now head back to Super Mario World. Once there, head off to Yoshi Island 4 and pick up the mushroom and fire flower. Head to Donut Plains 1 and pick up a feather. Go to start and press back on both of these levels once you have them all. Head back to forest of illusion 2, and you'll be at the half way mark. As soon as you find a rip van fish sleeping on the bottom of your screen, pass that sleepy fish (There's a big chance that you'll get hurt) you will find a key pick it up and head for the key hole near by, and you will complete that level and a path will show you where it is.

  • GBA | Submitted by gamefreak833

    Strategy:secret on chocolate mountain 2

    Have a yoshi and run through the first part until you come to the WARP PIPE and then enter it (you should have blue yoshi). Then you will be at a place with hills and flying turtles. Eat a turtle and then fly to the top of the screen and keep flying until you bump into the wall. Then go left and enter the warp pipe (go as fast as you can). Then you will be at a place with chargin chucks that throw baseballs at you. Go to the end of that and there will be a key and a keyhole.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beat Donut Plains 1 REALLY fast

    As you begin, run to the first caped Koopa and stomp on it. A feather will appear. Get it to get the cape and fly. This is how you fly: Run, then leap but keep on holding the B button. You will sore high into the sky. Then press on the Control Pad the OPPOSITE way your facing. Keep on pressing the Control pad the opposite way your facing until you reach the tape.

  • GBA | Submitted by Harry Scheiner

    Secret Way To Bowser

    First, beat the first world. Then, get to the secret goal for the first stage of the second world. That will bring you to a secret stage. Then, get to that stage's secret goal. That will bring you to a secret ghost house. Then, get to the secret goal on that stage. You will get to star road. Beat the levels on star road(secret goals, of course)to get to the fifth, and final, star road. Teleport from there to get to Bowser's Castle(it's called "front door" in the game). It might be hard, but it's worth it!

Super Mario World Advance 2 Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by 2cl4skl

    To Find Soda Lake

    Cheese Bridge Area

    You'll need a cape. Run, then jump in the air and fly all the way through the level. Then you'll pass the first exit, but don't worry, there is a second one. Just pass through it and you'll unlock Soda Lake.

  • GBA | Submitted by Josh Reineer

    New Color Scheme

    If you can find and complete all 96 goals, you can unlock a new color scheme, and play in a slightly different Dinosaur Land where some enemies are improved, such as the koopas - their shells are marioheads! Plus the Forest of Illusion turns all pinkish red, and Yoshi Island turns pinkish too.

  • GBA | Submitted by tp

    Vanilla Secret 1

    Vanilla Dome 1

    To get to Vanilla Secret 1, get a Yoshi (top secret area may help) and enter Vanilla Dome 1. Eat a blue koopa shell with the Yoshi and it will gain wings. As you go farther on, there will be a pipe in the air that you should enter. This will take you to the key and keyhole to enter Vanilla Secret 1.

  • GBA | Submitted by Waqar Khokhar

    Unlock Top Secret Area

    You can only do this if you've gotten up to Donut Ghost House. Select Donut Ghost. You will need the cape (put one in reserve just in case). Go all the way to the end of the 1st platform. Turn around and start running. Once Mario puts out his arms, fly up. All the way to the left there is a gap. Go through it. Once you get to the platform on the top, just go all the way to the right. You'll fall down. There are 4 blocks that have 1 ups in them. Go through th door and the exit is there. You can only use The top secret area for power ups and yoshi.

  • GBA | Submitted by GBA player

    Unlock the retro stage

    To unlock the retro stage all you have to do is clear all the 5 levels on star road by finding the hidden keys and locks in all of the levels. When you do this on the 5th level, a warp star should appear on the hill in the middle of the map. This will take you to the special zone, where you can play on 8 fun cool levels.

Super Mario World Advance 2 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Jack luvisi

    Lotta Lives

    When you start the game finish the first level on the right. Once you have beaten it go back into it,run until you find a shell throw it on to the hill above it run after it and it will kill a lot of koopa to give you a 1up then press start and you will have the option to go back go back and do the prossess over and over again. (P.S. if you want to get 999 lives you will need a lotta aspirin!)