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Sandra Bullock drawn to Gravity?


Angelina Jolie’s out . So is Natalie Portman. But Warner Bros are hopeful that the third time will be the charm, as they offer the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity to Sandra Bullock.

Following a female worker's plight to get back to Earth and her daughter when her space station is destroyed, the ambitious $80m 3D sci-fi has been attempting to get off the ground all year.

With Robert Downey Jr. already attached to co-star, Jolie departed earlier, while Portman has reportedly been forced to turn the role down thanks to scheduling conflicts.

Now, according to Deadline , Warner Bros are “making a full court press for Sandra Bullock to play the role”.

Surely the biggest draw here is the chance to work with Cuaron and Downey Jr. If Bullock decided to take the role, it would be her first sci-fi since 1993’s Demolition Man .

Post-Oscar, the actress is probably being pressured to choose her roles carefully (though considering All About Steve , maybe not). Something tells us Gravity wouldn’t be her Catwoman .