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Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats

This time the super brothers team up with their younger selves to save the Mushroom Kingdom in this classic RPG.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Safiya

    Easy way to Beat Bosses


    Get the Dire-POW badges and equip them on both Mario and Luigi, then when entering battle get hit until you are just about K'O'd (1/4 hp left) then just use red shells and they will do more damage (at level 21 about 300 per Bro) so just a few turns and your enemy is defeated. Also make sure to stock up on one up supers, in case you get knocked out. Should you get knocked out just repeat the above.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Hints

  • DS | Submitted by random dude

    Beating the Bowsers

    Thwomp volcano (bottom floor)

    The Bowsers are extremely hard and you should try to beat them as fast as possible. The way to do this is to stock up on ice and fire flowers (buy or get from fight with Mrs. Thwomp) and get to a good level (15-20). Bring 1-up mushrooms too, just in case. Keep using the flowers and soon you will beat them.

  • DS | Submitted by blo136

    Hint fo Mrs. Twomp

    Ever noticed her teeth? Look closly at her before she splits herself. After she spits into 4 small Mrs. Thwomps, you kill the one that has her original teeth... but there are two of them. So kill the one that doesn't have a chip of stone missing from its head. Follow the instrucions correctly and you will not have to guess which Mrs. Thwomp to kill

  • DS | Submitted by Laffin Boy

    How to Win Battles in One Attack!

    Late in the game, you can win nearly any battle with one attack! Setting this up starts before you travel to Thwomp Volcano. Go into the sewers below the future Castle and buy the 1-Chance Badge from Fawful's Bean & Badge. Then go to Thwomp Volcano, and continue normally until you end up in Toad Town. Go into the store and buy the Para Slacks and as many Mix Flowers as you can afford. Equip either Mario or Luigi with the 1-Chance Badge and the Para Slacks.

    The 1-Chance Badge doubles the power of its wearer's first attack. The Para Slacks increase your speed by 80. Mix Flowers do good amounts of damage to all your enemies at once. Now, whenever you enter a battle, the person equipped with the Para Slacks is nearly guaranteed to attack first. Use a Mix Flower with this person, and you'll do a few hundred points of damage to every enemy, usually knocking them out. The only enemies this strategy won't work against are enemies resistant to fire, such as red Wonder Blocks. This strategy works even in the final dungeon.

  • DS | Submitted by Stewie T.

    Crowd Cheering

    When you face the Shroom Brat you might realize that he will throw Lollipops at you, or throw items. When you see him look at the crowd (on the top screen) the crowd will raise signs, which ever letter has the most votes for will get a Lollipop thrown at them, and for items the items will hit their letter and be thrown at them in reverse order, hammer them. Later on the colour For L (Luigi) will turn red and the colour for M (Mario) will turn green so look at the letters!

  • DS | Submitted by Zach

    How to beat Commander Shroob

    When you start the battle, three shroob minions will appear, carrying a bomb. Follow the steps below:

    1.Attach the shroob that is farthest from you. Don't stop attacking that shroob until he is defeat.

    2.There should be two left. Again:Attack the one farthest from you and don't stop until that shroob is defeated.

    NOTE:If you do this correctly, the bomb will roll off the screen and due to its explosion, the commander shroob will be blown infront of you where you can hurt him. Once that happens, follow these instructions:

    3. Use all of the red shells you have on him. don't stop because red shells do a good amount of damage on it when the red shells strike him a lot.

    4. Once you ran out of red shells, use all of your ice flowers on it.

    NOTE: The bomb squad will come back after Mario and Luigi strike the commander about 2 times. If you run out of both red shells and ice flowers and it isn't dead yet, use anything else you can find to kill it!

  • DS | Submitted by TheArbiter(c)

    Little Bros.

    Throw Baby Mario and Luigi during the whole game to get to higher places. When In Toad forest throw the bros into the tree stumps to get a hundred coins per stump.

  • DS | Submitted by Brandon Mitchell

    How to Beat Petey Pirahna

    Petey Pirahna is a very tough boss. To beat her you have to use Trampolines, Pocket Chomps, and to lower her Defense, Attack, and/or speed then you have to use Ice Flowers.

  • DS | Submitted by sharpedoman22

    Free Play at Twomp Volcano

    When you are at Twomp Volcano and you need 30 gems to pass, the first time around is free but then you have to pay 100 coins to play again. If you select "help" and play you will be told the instructions and you will play the game for free!

  • DS | Submitted by Nathan Reid

    Faster Kills

    If you are having trouble beating bosses [or any one else] then buy lots of ice flowers. I'f you hit your opponent several times their defence, attack, and speed will be lowered.

  • DS | Submitted by Halogunner8819

    Sleepy Boss

    At the Caterpillar boss you will notice that the two mushroom guys get different mushrooms that they eat. If they get the skull mushroom attack them before they eat it and the mushroom will fall into the Caterpillar's drink. He will then drink it and be weaker. But if they have a normal mushroom don't attack beacause it will fall into his drink and heal him when he drinks it.

  • DS | Submitted by Master Dragon


    Item | Location

    100-points Pants | Shroob Rex (Enemy)
    Adult Trousers | Koopaseum
    Block Trousers | Thwomp Volcano
    Branded Slaks | Castle Shop
    Egg Pants | Castle Shop
    Golden Pants | Thwomp Volcano
    Heart Pants | Yoshi Island
    Muscle Slaks | Gritzy Cave Shop
    Mushroom Jeans | Toad Town Shop
    Para Slaks | Toad Town
    Patched Slaks | Castle Shop
    Preferred Pants | Castle Shop
    Puffy Trousers | Yoob's Belly
    Roket Jeans | Peach's Castle (Past)
    Royal Pants | Castle Shop
    Royal Trousers | Castle Shop
    Secret Jeans | Gritzy Desert
    Shells Slaks | Castle Shop
    Shrooms Slaks | Toad Town Shop
    Sliky Pants | Start of the Game
    Space Trousers | Peach's Castle (Past)
    Stache Jeans | Star Temple
    Star Troussers | Toad Town Shop
    Starchy Jeans | Castle Shop
    Stardust Pants | Toad Town Shop
    Supreme Slaks | Shroobsworth
    Svelte Slaks | Gritzy Cave Shop
    Thrilling Pants | Gritzy Cave Shop
    Tissue Pants | Gritzy Cave Shop
    Unarmed Jeans | Toadwood Forest
    Wafer Slaks | Start of the Game
    Wild Trousers | Toadwood Forest

  • DS | Submitted by BKFITWW

    Princess Shroob Battle Guide

    The first Princess Shroob will be in a floating chair with a force feild around it. Whenever you do a lot of damage to the shield, it will change color. Blue-Green-Orange-Red-Dark Red and then the chair will cease function. THEN you'll be able to damage Princess Shroob. Princess Shroobs Chair has 2 attacks:

    1. It will shoot lasers, then you'll either have to jump or stay put with either Mario or Luigi.
    2. Tripod legs with grow out of it. It will walk until it's right above you, then shoot ring lasers around you.

    You'll have to jump because the ring closes in on you, but don't jump too soon. Then the Tripod will bend in and land on you, so you'll have to hit it with a hammer. Princess Shroob herself has 3 attacks:

    1. She'll shoot a fast moving energy ball at you. Jump. Might cause poisoning.
    2. Shoot fast energy ball from above. Hit with hammer. Might cause poisoning
    3. Shoots a wave of slow moving energy balls that will affect all characters. Might cause poisoning.

    After you defeat her, you'll have to face a more powerful Princess Shroob (Her elder sister or something like that) She has A lot of Moves:

    1. She'll realese a chain chomb following a ufo. Jump on it.
    2. She'll charge at you. Nearly impossible to avoid, but you have to hit her with a hammer multiple times.
    3. She'll throw a bing meteor rock at you. Hit Pincess Shroob with a hammer until she drops it.
    4. Drinks Vim juice to heal herself 120 HP.
    5. Jumps on UFOs. Will shoot fireballs at you from diagonally above, and to your side.

    Then she'll turn into a tentacle beast. Don't attack her head. It'll only do 1 damage. First attack her legs, then you'll be able to attack her crown, so attack that, and when the Crown is greyish, THEN attack the head. It will do more damage. If her legs grow back, you can still do damage to her head, but if her crown lights back up, you'll do 1 damge again. Just keep doing that. Her attacks are:

    1. Will swish around legs in a rotating fashion. Jump to avoid. She won't be able to do this without her legs.
    2. Sharply "poke" Mario or Luigi. Jump to avoid. Could cause poisoning.
    3. Shoot down helicopters. Hit them with a hammer. If electricity spouts out of them, they will hit Luigi. If fire, Mario.
    4. Make a giant energy ball and throw it at you. If she adds more red fireballs than green, it will hit Mario, or green to target Luigi. Hit with hammer.
    5. She'll creep up tentacles at you. Hit them with hammers multiple times so that she dosen't grab you and throw you.

    Once you defeat her, you'll go back to the present. Then Bowser will become fused with Princess Shroob (I'm not telling you how). Bowser will attack you, and for every attack that you hit with a hammer or dodge, it will hit the spirit Princess Shroob and damage her. Keep doing this until her Shroob meter goes down. You can't attack or heal, unfortunatly, but it's still the easiest boss in the game. His attacks are:

    1. Shoots multiple fire balls at you. If they go straight at you, jump over them. If they come from above, Hit them with a hammer. Knocks off 1/2 a shroob per fireball.
    2. Shoots a HUGE fire ball. Hit with Hammer. Knocks off a Whole shroob from the bar.

    Badges that REALLY help you are the Cure Badge A (Heals 10 HP per turn to wearer) and the Ulti Free Badge (Unlimited Bros. Items for wearer. Get at Fawful's Beans n' Badges (in the sewer place in a sewer pipe thing) for 90 beans.)

    Check everywhere for beans. I also recomend you being AT LEAST level 29 for all characters (Or at least the adult ones, you only want the babies to use 1-up mushrooms and supers.) You want to have a lot of these items, too: Ultra mushrooms, Max Mushrooms, Ultra Drops, 1-UP Mushrooms, and UP supers.

    And that's it. Good Luck with the Last 4 bosses!

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Health of All Bosses

    The health of some bosses might frighten you.

    Swiggler: 250 HP
    Sunnycide: 300 HP
    Shroobiod Brat: 900HP
    Petey Piranha: 960HP
    Mrs. Thwomp: 600HP
    Bowser and Baby bowser: 1200HP
    Commander Shroob: 1300
    Elder Shroobiod 1750,1200
    Princes Shroob: 2500
    Elder Princess Shroob: 3000
    Shrowser: infinite, so you must counter and dodge all attacks to win

  • DS | Submitted by Ben Dover

    25 Second Stair Climb

    To make it up the stairs in less than 25 sec you must use your rolling move that Mr. and Mrs. Toadstool tought you.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Glitches

  • DS | Submitted by thaIntizzle

    Fan Meter Glitch

    To keep a fan going: spin the cog once and then find a spot where the meter isn't visible and it'll never run out.

  • DS | Submitted by GunnerX

    Infinite Coin Glitch

    The Thwomp Volcano will have two large rooms that are filled with coins. But to reach the coins, you must fly down to it by using the Baby Spin move. Once you grabbed all of the coins, switch to adult version Mario or Luigi, and then head back to the previous room. Using the warp pipe, bring back the babies. Now, use your Baby Spin to go back to the coin rooms, where all the coins will still be there. You can repeat this glitch as many times as you wish.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by mike

    Unlock the Blue Yoshi

    When you see this Yoshi above his cage you will see two rows of colors. Go forward and hammer those colors, and the cage will open.

    Top row: blue-blue-yellow-yellow-red-blue-red-yellow
    Bottom row: yellow-red-blue-red-yellow-yellow-blue-blue