Put down that old board game - WarioWare: Move It! is the perfect game for your New Year's Eve party

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The festive season is upon us, so as you look ahead to the New Year, there's obviously only one question on your mind - how are we going to entertain our friends at our New Year's Eve bash? And I'm here to tell you to put that complicated board game instruction manual away, because the only game you need this December 31 is WarioWare: Move It!

Mario's greedy, yellow-loving frenemy is back with his latest spate of microgames, letting you rattle through more than 200 lightning-fast tasks. It's the perfect thing to get a party started - one moment you might be gearing up to knock a baseball out of the park, the next you're struggling to extricate yourself from a stocking, and the next you could be laying eggs or lassoing llamas.

You'll have no idea what to expect next apart from the fact that you will keep moving, thanks to the game's energetic motion controls. And with multiplayer modes for up to four players, you'll have to pay attention - who knows what will show up the next time you're in the hotseat?

With a host of multiplayer modes, this game is both fun to play and fun to watch. It's never long before the action moves on - get your party started with the party mode game, Galactic Conquest, an amped-up board game that sees up to four players racing their way to the finish line. But in true WarioWare style, you can be sure that the journey there will not be easy!

Wario and company's chaotic sense of humour will ensure that your New Year's Eve is filled with frantic fun. Whether you're competing in a wild microgame or cheering on your friends as they complete the latest in a string of ridiculous tasks, WarioWare: Move It! promises to bring a fast, funny, and above all exciting twist to your New Year's celebrations, and is available to buy right now on the My Nintendo Store

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