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Lords Mobile gets a new Earth Day package to celebrate partnership with reforestation charity WeForest

Lords Mobile
(Image credit: IGG)

Kingdom-building real time strategy game Lords Mobile is celebrating Earth Day by partnering with environmental protection charity WeForest, which develops reforestation projects around the world.

Earth Day falls on April 22, and from then until April 26, Lords Mobile developer IGG will be giving players access to a new Earth Day package, which they will be able to purchase in-game, raising awareness and encouraging the community to participate in the worldwide environmental protection movement.

Lords Mobile puts players in control of their own kingdom, gathering resources to expand your borders, recruiting up to five powerful heroes, and training entire armies to fight on their behalf. Players can connect with others around the world, battling against them or joining forces to fight off even more powerful foes. First released on iOS and Android in 2016, it won the Google Play Award for Best Competitive Game and Android Excellence game.

As well as introducing the new items, IGG will also be donating $50,000 to help with WeForest's efforts in the Desa'a region of northern Ethiopia, which has been strongly affected by desertification and seen 74% of its natural forest disappear. Each $1 seedling will have been raised in a nursery for around nine months before being transplanted in the area between June and August 2021, meaning the studio's donation will help return thousands of new trees to the region. You can find out more at the project's official website (opens in new tab).

Founded in 2010, WeForest is based in Belgium, and has committed to growing trees in tropical areas around the world, including Brazil, India, Tanzania, and Zambia. Its aim is to raise awareness on sustainable forest restoration and reduce carbon emissions in an attempt to alleviate the effects of global warming.

To check out Lords Mobile for yourself and take advantage of the new Earth Day package, download the game before April 26 via the App Store (opens in new tab) for iOS, the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) for Android, or Steam (opens in new tab) for PC. 

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