Hotly-anticipated sci-fi narrative Sky of Tides brings a touch of Disco Elysium to a shattered planet

Sky of Tides
(Image credit: Lofty Sky Entertainment Inc)

The world of Numen is broken, shattered into nine floating planetoids by a calamitous event. Now, two major powers vie for control of what remains of Numen - the technological Syndicate, and the traditionalist Sovereign. Trapped between the two is you, Rin D'Lorah, daughter of a Syndicate researcher and the recent discoverer of a conspiracy that threatens what remains of this world.

Sky of Tides is a sci-fi narrative game, in which you, as Rin, must set out to find your missing father on your journey to help heal your fractured home planet. On your journey, you'll explore a range of the incredible environments that make up what's left of Numen, coming across an array of characters - some friend, some foe - that can help or hinder you in your quest.

Success on your journey won't just be about what you do or say, but who you are and how you react to the world around you. Sky of Tides will adapt to your personality, with the RPG-style character decisions that you make unlocking dialogue options and customization choices that further change the world around you. Present Rin as a quick-talking joke cracker, or a compassionate friend, but be careful - there's no pleasing everyone, and the people of this world aren't afraid to give you a piece of your mind.

A hotly-anticipated role-playing game with shades of genre juggernauts like Disco Elysium, Sky of Tides is already causing a stir, fresh off the back of its appearance at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase and back-to-back GDC awards. Set to release in 2024, you can wishlist it on Steam and PlayStation now. On Steam you'll also find a demo so you can try out Sky of Tides for yourself before release. 

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