Massive open-world survival RPG Decimated promises to let you build your own future in its apocalyptic world

(Image credit: Fracture Games)

Decimated, a hotly-anticipated online survival RPG, just took an exciting step closer to release with a new unveiling.

Set in a massive open world ravaged by apocalyptic forces, Decimated will push players to the limit as they fight a relentless battle for existence. PvP and PvE gameplay collide as survivors take on a world filled with mutated creatures, environmental hazards, and the most dangerous foes of all - other players.

To help ensure you have the edge on your opponents, you'll have to salvage powerful technologies and seek out hidden treasures, all while steering clear of the dangers of this splintered society. But what you choose to do with the tools at your disposal is up to you - Decimated takes a sandbox approach that offers players the choice to forge their own path. You could use your resources to repair a dilapidated vehicle into a machine capable of speeding across the wastes, or collect everything you can in order to build a towering fortress in which to keep your wealth secure.

Decimated also boasts a real-time economy, using the Blockchain-backed DIO token. Every decision you make has a real-world impact, making each discovery - and each victory - even more important. Whether you're heading into the wastes to seek treasure, taking down convoys to steal it, or trading to earn your fortune on the markets, Decimated is prepared to offer the savviest players major rewards.

Already listed on the Epic Games Store and backed by investment from the Epic Mega Grant fund and the support of thousands of early adopters across Twitter and Discord, Decimated is currently undergoing its closed-alpha stage, after which it'll be available to the public. At that point, you'll be able to get your hands on a game that promises serious freedom in a seriously massive open-world survival sandbox. To learn more, head to the game's newly-released Epic Games Store page, and carve out your future. 

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