Four years on, strategy MMO Lords Mobile is still evolving

(Image credit: IGG)

You don’t become one of the most popular strategy MMOs around by stagnating on your throne atop a hoard of gold earned through F2P microtransactions. Lords Mobile, one-time winner of Google Play’s ‘Best Competitive Game’ award, has evolved and expanded its digital territory vastly in the four years since its release. Its latest patch, celebrating the game’s fourth anniversary, shows that the fire that helped Lords Mobile amass over 320 million worldwide downloads still burns strong.

Here are the new features and tips that players should be aware of when jumping into the freshly patched game.

Recruit new Tier 5 troops

(Image credit: IGG)

For years, Tier 4 troops have been the cream of the crop in player armies. But just as military technologies and tactics evolve to displace those that came before, so Tier 5 troops have arrived to bolster the armies of the mightiest players.

Tier 5 troops have an impressive 48 Might, compared to 36 for Tier 4. You’ll need to work to get them though, completing the Gear research tree in the Academy, building a Lunar Foundry, then forging the new Lunite material into Luminous Gear.

Harness the power of Lunite

(Image credit: IGG)

Seeing as it gets produced in the Lunar Foundry, we can safely assume that a lore dive into Lords Mobile would reveal this substance to have come from a certain nearby celestial object. Although its true origin remains a mystery, this stuff is a crucial strategic resource as of the fourth anniversary update.

Not only is it used to forge Luminous Gear for your Tier 5 troops, but it also heals your army in battle. Master the Lunite, and you master the upper echelons of the game.