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Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign's 30-cent classics

Gamers can catch up with Nintendo classics from Donkey Kong to Super Metroid on the cheap with the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign. The campaign ties into the Famicom's 30th anniversary, offering a new game at 30 cents for 30 days through August.

The featured games will preview the upcoming spring roll-out of Wii U Virtual Console, with GamePad-only support and Miiverse functionality. The discounts began with NES classic Balloon Fight, which will remain on sale until February 21, then move on to:

F-Zero (SNES) from Feb. 20 to March 21
Punch-Out!!! (NES) from March 20 to April 18
Kirby's Adventure (NES) from April 17 to May 16
Super Metroid (SNES) from May 15 to June 13
Yoshi (NES) from June 12 to July 11
Donkey Kong (NES) from July 15 to August 13

Those titles are yours for good when you buy them, by the way. We were a bit confused by that "Trial" bit in the title, but it seems to refer to a trial of the Wii U Virtual Console service rather than the individual games.

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