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Postal 2 Cheats

Postal 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by The Wraith

    Zombie Dogs & a SiC Vest

    Go to the library and go behind the main stairs to where the protestors are (in the middle). Go behind the stairs and look for some grates in the wall. Kick the grates out and go through. You'll drop a pretty long distance after you walk a few feet. Then follow the pipe the rest of the way. You'll see a pit. DON'T DROP DOWN! There are invincible dogs down it that are guarding a SiC Vest (200 armor)! On one side of the hole there is a small, square passage. If you can, drop down and run into the passage (a good idea is to distract the dogs with doggie treats or cats). Then, grab the SiC vest in the corner and head for a pipe in the middle of the hole with a ladder on one side. Climb up and get out. If you did this right, you'll come out slightly damaged with more than 100 armor and still good health. However, you could cheat and get millions of cats or doggie treats (or both) to distract the dogs so you'll never get hurt!

  • PC | Submitted by punkie_pc_player

    Secret Passage

    To get to this secret passage, go to the Lucky Ganesh. Go to the back room (the one that says No Infidels) and you should see these Pakistanian Women saying "LALALALALALA"
    Kill Them And By the stairs you should see a woodpile shoot it then jump in. You Just found the Secret Passage!

  • PC | Submitted by The Wraith

    Cat Bomb

    First, drop lots of grenades with the SECONDARY FIRE button (so they're like proxim. bombs) then fly up high and and turn on slowmo by eating cat food, and if you're positioned over your grenades, the cats will land and blow them up. Oddly, some of the cats will come out alive!

  • PC | Submitted by Eth3r3al

    Various Cheats

    Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make
    the Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes
    then enter any of the following below for goodies&

    Alamode - God Mode
    PackNHeat - Gives player every destructive weapon in the game
    PayLoad - Set all current weapons to have lots of ammo
    IAmSoLame - Gives all weapons, max ammo and turns you invinivible
    PiggyTreats - Gives lots of doughnuts
    JewsForJesus - Gives player lots of cash
    BoyAndHisDog - Gives player lots of dog treats (yep your dog is very
    useful when trained)
    Jones - Gives player lots of health pipes
    SwimWithFishes - Gives player all radar related items
    FireInYourHole - Enables rocket cameras (fun!)
    IAmTheOne - Gives player lots of catnip
    LotsAPussy - Gives player lots of cats (for use as silencers)
    BlockMyAss - Gives player body armor
    SmackDatAss - Gives player the gimp suit
    IAmTheLaw - Gives player the cop clothes
    Healthful - Gives player full health and several (4) medkits
    Whatchutalkinbout - Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Gary Colemans
    Oasma - Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Fanatacs
    RockinCats - Change any guns that can use cats as silencers to have
    a cat on them and the cat will shoot off everytime and a new
    one will magically appear
    DokkinCats - Removes cat repeating guns (turns them back to normal)
    IFeelFree - Ghost mode (toggled, enter code again to turn off)
    LikeABirdy - Fly mode (toggled, enter code again to turn off)
    Fly - Fly makes you fly but not go trough walls as ghost does, walk is the code you use to turn off fly.
    Walk - turn off fly.
    Slowmo (number) - sets speed?

  • PC | Submitted by The Wraith

    Cat's DO Always Land on Their Feet!

    First, get lots of cats and tons of the cat food (to eat to make it in slowmotion) (a good idea is to use the cheats for each of those above) then use the fly cheat to fly WAAAAAYYYYY up, then hit the DROP ITEM key to start dropping' them cats! Quickly turn off the fly cheat (you might want to also be invincible) and beat the cats to the ground. When you land, the millions of cats you just dropped will land, but they won't explode or die or something like that! They'll actually just land on their feet. This might sound kind of dumb, but it's REALLY funny looking'.