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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats

Pokemon LeafGreen FAQs

Pokemon LeafGreen Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by pokemonmysterydungeofan01

    How to trade with Ruby/Sapphire

    First, complete the cinnaber island gym and Bill will be outside. Talk to him and say yes. Then you'll go to one island. Go into the big pokemon center and you will see a machine. Talk to the man and he'll tell you find the ruby gem. Go to fire place and battle team rocket. It might take a bit of time for team rocket to battle you so take your chances. After you beat them go inside the cave and explore and you will eventually find the ruby gem. Go back to the pokemon center and give it to the guy by the machine and he lets you go back to Kanto. Defeat the last gym leader (in Viridian city) and defeat the pokemon league. Go back to one island and I think you talk to the guy by the machine. Then go to six island and run to the ruin valley and the dotted hole. The braille reads cut so use cut on the entrance. Then get the instruction booklet you got when you got this game and go to page 61 and translate the braille. Then you find the other gem but a scientist steals it and go to the meadow on five island and go around all the islands until you find the two passwords and then open the door of the lab in the meadow. Battle team rocket and eventually you'll find the gem. Go back to the pokemon center and give the gem to the guy. Then you will be able to trade with ruby/sapphire.

Pokemon LeafGreen Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by pokemonmysterydungeonfan01

    Chansey Dance

    Go to seven island and go down in the direction where the tanoboy ruins are and you'll see a house. Go in and talk to the man and you'll do the Chansey dance.

  • GBA | Submitted by supercheat1234

    How to Beat the Gym Leaders

    No.1 Brock.The best option would be if you picked bulbasaur or squirtle as your starter.Either of the 2 can take out Geodude+Onix.

    No.2 Misty.If you have picked Bulbasaur as your starter this should be an easy ride. If you picked Squirtle or Charmander then I recomend catching a Pikachu in virdian forest then raising it up to about lv 21/22 and it should be able to beat her.

    No.3 Lt.Surge.By the time you have reached vermillion city you should have been through a cave and caught a Geodude, so raise it up about 20-30 levels and you should be able to claim the thunder badge.

    No.4 Erika.A Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard will easily do the job.Water/Grass pokemon will struggle but a Pidgeyotto/Golbat can beat her with gust/Wing attack.

    No.5 Sabrina.Golbat's Bite attack will easily defeat her.

    No.6 Koga.Graveler/Golem can defeat his pokemon with magnitude/earthquake.

    No.7 Blaine.Water pokemon can beat him hands down so a level 39-48 Blastoise will do the trick.

    No.8 Giovanni.The last,and most powerful gym leader,Giovanni uses Ground types so Water/Grass pokemon will claim your final badge.

    Now you have 8 Gym badges and are ready to challenge the elite four.

  • GBA | Submitted by Campbell

    Lady Selphy

    Lost Cave on Five Island

    When you are in the lost cave, to find Lady Selphy, use the rocks like a clock. 3 rocks means to go to the right opening, 6 rocks go to the lower opening, so on and so forth

  • GBA | Submitted by 123Tony321

    Get Mew Easily

    Go to the City where you meat bill. Beat the bridge trainers and then beat the team rocket guy. After that go left then down. There will be a boy with a green hat. So catch an Abra, but dont face that kid. Now this is the hard part, get in front of him but as soon as he turns to battle you press start. If done correctly you wont face him. Go to Pokemon a press on Abra then go to teleport. You should teleport to the Pokemon Center. Now go up the bridge and keep going straight (don't face any campers). Go to the couple but dont face the girl - face the boy. Once you beat him use abra to teleport to the pokemon center again. When you're about to step on the bridge again you'll hear Mew and you will face him right there (he's level 7).

  • GBA | Submitted by Gamemonster

    How to Get a Lapras

    Go to Saffron City and then to Silph Co. in the middle of the city. Go to the board room with the guy who gave you the Master Ball. When you get there, go on the teleport pad, which will take you to another room. Go over to the next pad but don't step on it - right next to it there should be a guy. He will say some stuff, then he'll give you a Lapras. It is level 25 and knows: Icebeam, Perish song and two other moves.

  • GBA | Submitted by some guy in canada

    Easy Bike

    In Vermilion City, talk to the leader of the pokemon fan club. Listen to his story, if you do, he will give you a bike voucher. then, go back to Cerulean City,talk to the guy behind the desk, and instead of giving him $1,000,000, he will give you a bike for free!

  • GBA | Submitted by Sarim

    To Get HM03 (Surf)

    To get HM03, you have to defeat the fuchsia gym leader, Koga. Then, you should find the secret house at the Safari Game Zone. The person who lives in it will give you HM03 (which contains surf).

  • GBA | Submitted by zozo

    How to Get a Vaporeon

    In Celadon City go behind the pokemon center and you will see an entrance to a house. Go in. Then go up the stairs and you will see a house. Go in. Inside there will be a table and on it will be a pokemon, grab it. It is Eevee. Then go to the Celadon DEPT. STORE and buy a water stone. Use it on EEVEE and you have a Vaporeon.

  • GBA | Submitted by Landonian

    How to Get Togepi

    To get Togepi, you must get to Five Island. Then surf the water labrynth until you find a patch of land that has an old man and a lady on it. Talk to the man and he will give you an egg. When the egg hatchs, it will be a Togepi.

  • GBA | Submitted by Adrien

    How to Get the Running Shoes

    To get the running shoes all you have to do is beat the Pewter City Gym and go and talk to the scientist on the right of the city.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Ho-Oh

    Trade from Pokemon Colisseum.

  • GBA | Submitted by LordofTheGames

    All the Legendary Birds

    ZAPDOS-First buy as many ultra balls as you can hold/afford. Then make sure you have a pokemon that can paralyz,sleep,etc. (zapdos is found ia a powerplant on route 10)
    ARTICUNO-same process as Zapdos accept u need escape rope 4 a quick get away. U also need a pokemon with strength and surf.
    MOLTRES-(Must defeat Blaine and have acess to one island)U must go north via surf. (Exact Same process as Articuno)
    HO-OH-Must trade over from Gold, Silver, or Crystal.
    LUGIA-Must trade over from Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

  • GBA | Submitted by Landonian

    V-S Seeker

    The V-S Seeker allows you to face certain trainers again and again after walking about 100 steps each time you use it. To find it, you talk to a lady standing to the left of counter in the Vermilion City Pokemon Center (your might have to beat the elite four first).

  • GBA | Submitted by Jesse

    Get Raikou, Entei, and Suicune

    To get Raikou, Entei, and Suicune you need to have completed the Pokemon League. You only get one and it depends on which starter u chose. If you chose Squirtle you get Raikou. If u chose Charmander you get Suicune. If you chose Bulbasaur you get Entei. Yo would be best to save your masterball for these guys. They are really good and are very hard to encounter. Good Luck!

  • GBA | Submitted by Ashley (Pokemon Master)

    How to make a Poke'ball into a Masterball

    When you find a wild Pokemon (any pokemon) You go to your bag and click Poke'ball.(Plain Poke'balls only!)Then when the Poke'ball is about to fly out you hold down the buttons A and B together.Then when the Poke'ball is about to open and catch the Pokemon you hold down SELECT and B together and the Poke'ball should become a Masterball...(Doesn't get a Master'ball look but it catches Pokemon 100% of the time!!)
    Note: After many complaints about this cheat not working, this update was submitted by an anonymous user. Hope it helps! (ed.):
    "It said to press and hold A and B then push select and B but you really have to push and hold A and B then hold select and A. we would be happy if you fix this error so that other gamers can enjoy this cheat properly."

Pokemon LeafGreen Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by Sky

    Mystery Gift

    First, go to any Mart and go to the survey thing next to the owner. Then, type in these FOUR words: "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" . Save, Turn the GBA off, and then turn it on. You should have mystery gift in the menu.

  • GBA | Submitted by Pokemaster!

    The Burned Mansion`s Items

    Don't think that the Mansion is a stupid building! Its full of items and (sometimes) very good pokemon! The building is on Cinnabar Island. When entered the mansion, go to the stairs, to the 2nd floor. There are lots of Zinc, Protein, and Calcium. Also you can find the rare Pokemon Grimer and Muk! (Also in firered Growlithe and in leafgreen Vulpix.)