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Heavy Rain predecessor Indigo Prophecy comes to PS4 on August 9

Nowadays, Quantic Dream is an established studio with big-time games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the upcoming Detroit: Become Human under its belt. But once upon a time, it was a relatively obscure developer starting down the road of interactive drama. And if you want to experience a Quantic Dream game from those wild and wacky years, you're in luck: Indigo Prophecy (AKA Fahrenheit outside of North America) is coming to PS4 on August 9.

Originally launched in 2005, Indigo Prophecy is Quantic Dream's second game, and not their weirdest if you can believe it. It's enjoyed cult status since its launch, and is well-regarded for its focus on storytelling and heavy use of motion capture - which were fairly revolutionary concepts back then.

The story is a paranormal thriller that centers on Lucas Kane, who stabs a man to death while under some type of trance. On a desperate mission to prove his innocence, he uncovers spirit mediums, ancient prophecies, and more than a few conspiracies. I don't want to spoil things, especially because of how goofy and bonkers the third act of the game is, but needless to say, it is an experience. I can't wait.

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