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Get a first look at Tim Burtons Wonderland

We have to wait a year until Tim Burton unleashes his take on Alice In Wonderland upon us all, but the first images are already online.

Fan site The Tim Burton Collective got their paws on Disney’s new club-based magazine D23, which offers a peek at upcoming productions.

The imagery is a mix of stills, like the one below, and a lot of concept art (since a majority of the scenes feature performance captured, animation-enhanced footage, there’s likely not a lot finished just yet).

Meanwhile, lucky Disney board members got not only a brief glimpse of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, but also a glance at some of Toy Story 3. Not. Fair.

Console yoursef with the first proper pic of Alice ( Mia Wasikowsk) below.

You can see more of the pics in our gallery to the right.

[Source: The Tim Burton Collective ]