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George Clooney signs on for sci-fi Gravity


Alfonso Cuaron’s troubled Gravity hasn’t been too far away from the headlines all year, what with numerous casting drop-outs and replacements getting reported.

Today brings news that George Clooney has been hired to take on the lead male role in the sci-fi, replacing Robert Downey Jr.

Downey was forced to leave the project after months of being attached thanks to his ridiculously busy schedule – there’s only so much one man can do, after all.

Clooney will star opposite Sandra Bullock, who is playing the part of a female astronaut who gets lost in space after her space station blows up. Angelina Jolie was originally attached to the role.

Shooting on Cuaron’s ambitious-sounding film will finally kick off in spring after Clooney has finished up work on The Ides Of March , his adap of play Farragut North.

Considering how different Clooney and Downey are as actors – charisma aside – it’ll be interesting to see if and how the role is changed by the silver fox.