Enemy Front Cheats

As Robert Hawkins you'll side with the resistance in order to overtake the Nazis in Germany.

Enemy Front Unlockables

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    Enemy Front Trophies

    Enemy Front Trophy List

    True Fighter (Platinum): Collect all trophies

    What was that?! (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies during 'Loud Sound'

    Threat Eliminated (Bronze): Kill 3 SDKFZ gunners without destroying the vehicle

    The Wall of Flesh (Bronze): Take enemy officer/soldier as a human shield then kill 3 enemies

    I guess it's yours (Bronze): Throw back 3 enemy grenades (Singleplayer)

    Iron Storm (Bronze): Kill 25 enemies using mounted HMG (Singleplayer)

    Red Barrels (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using explosive environment objects (Singleplayer)

    Leave No Stone Unturned (Gold): Collect all secrets

    Operation Torch (Bronze): Finish the game on Casual difficulty level

    Operation Overlord (Silver): Finish the game on Medium difficulty level

    Operation Fall Blau (Gold): Finish the game on Expert difficulty level

    Knock Knock (Bronze): Lure 5 enemies by throwing stones

    Two Birds One Stone (Bronze): Kill two enemies with one bullet (Singleplayer)

    My Artifacts (Bronze): Collect 5 secrets

    Bag of Souvenirs (Bronze): Collect 15 secrets

    Archive of War (Bronze): Collect 30 secrets

    Polish Resistance (Silver): Paint all Polish resistance symbols on levels that happen in Warsaw

    Prison Break-in (Silver): Get into the prison without raising alarm in 'First Victory' mission

    One Shot, One Boom (Silver): Kill an officer and blow up the armory with one shot in 'First Victory' mission

    Power of Faith (Bronze): Rescue the priest with a single shot in 'First Victory' mission

    Vive La Résistance! (Bronze): Help all resistance members in 'French Resistance' mission

    It Was Broken… (Bronze): Defend back of the church without using HMG in 'Siege of St. Cross' mission

    Motor Pool is Down (Bronze): Destroy all enemy vehicles inside the ruined castle in 'Sabotage in the Loue Valley' mission

    It's a Trap (Bronze): Set and detonate explosives on the enemy truck in 'Officer hunt in the Loue Valley' mission

    This is Warsaw Calling… (Bronze): Collect all Blyskawica radio station parts in 'PAST Assault' mission

    One Shot, One Kill (Silver): Kill all snipers on top of PAST with a sniper rifle without reloading it

    Plot Twist (Bronze): Use commanding officer inside PAST as a human shield

    Crash and Burn (Bronze): Destroy all vehicles inside the workshop in 'Final Victory' mission

    Kaboom Baby (Bronze): Destroy the cable car in 'Winter in Vemork' mission

    Another Jerry Bites the Dust (Bronze): Destroy all enemy planes using anti aircraft cannon in 'Fortress at Oscarborg' mission

    Silent Savior (Silver): Rescue Dietrich from POW Camp without raising any alarm

    No Man Left Behind (Bronze): Rescue prisoners from POW camp without raising any alarm

    Medic ! (Bronze): Save Home Army soldier in the hospital

    One Man Army (Bronze): Kill 50 Germans and destroy all armored vehicle in 'Home Army Victorious' mission

    To the Moon! (Bronze): Collect all rocket parts in 'Fire from the Sky' mission

    Annihilation (Bronze): Kill all enemies inside the V2 factory

    Soldier (Bronze): Play any Multiplayer match

    Sniper (Silver): Perform 100 Headshots in Multiplayer mode

    Sir! Yes Sir! (Silver): Obtain First Sergeant rank

    Seen Them All (Bronze): Play all multiplayer modes

    Victorious (Bronze): Win a match in every Multiplayer mode

    Long Day (Bronze): Play 50 Multiplayer matches

    Bronze Star (Bronze): Become the most valuable player in 10 Team Deathmatches

    Invincible (Bronze): Win a Deathmatch round without dying

    Jackpot (Gold): Obtain all medals in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Transmission modes

    Roger and out (Bronze): Win 5 matches in Radio Transmission mode