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Scour an alien world in search of power cells for a nutty professor's busted ship. Here's an RPG that refuses to make sense, in an old-school, "out there" kind of way.

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  • DS | Submitted by Contact Master

    Easy Money


    go to Aegis (the desert place) and go to the salesmen who sells the mace, spiked club, cutlass and cleaver. kill him with a wepon not a spell and he will drop 1 piece of his merchantdice then leave the area then come back and sell the dropped weapon to him. You can also use this cheat to get free merchantdice from merchants that have stalls that you can enter.

  • DS | Submitted by Ry-Ry

    Cat Fun

    While you are sleeping

    While your main character is sleeping, you can play with the cat. The more you play with him, the better the special decal when he helps you will be. Here are some of the things you can do:

    Pet it the wrong way and it gets angry
    Scratch it's neck
    Push it on its belly
    Rub its belly
    Poke it to get up
    (click on CPU) Cat plays w/ computer
    (click on pad in top left) Cat nap
    (click on scratch pad) Cat scratches
    (click on food) Snack Time!