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Ape Escape 2 Cheats

Ape Escape 2 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by jack crowther


    If you need to get more cookies or jackets just go into Niga Hideout and go to the past the big drop. Then hit open the rocks and get the jackets and cookies. Then go out of the room up the stairs and back again into the room. You can do this as many times as you want
    Make it Snow (Liberty Island)
    Go down the path until you reach the water fountain. Jump in it and press L2
    Hint With Water Cannon
    (You must have the water cannon) if you want to repair your tank or submarine you pick your water cannon then do the same thing you do with flames
    Unlimited Gold Coins
    First go to pirates isle then keep going through the stage. Then when you fight a robot with a monkey in it. Then bet him and catch him. Then there's to ways to go go to the way where the stairs then. Go up the stairs and take out the gadget RC car and move it to one switch doesn't matter which one. Then keep it there switch gadget to super hoop then spin and run off switch go into gate there is a lot of treasure chests and there's a monster he will hit you. And take your coins away if you hit him you will get your coins back and his. and the chests there are only silver stars and gold repent this a lot be going back and go forward you will be rich NOTE: The first time you do this the monsters there do it again its going exit level its there.
    Be Spike
    In the Japanese version only highlight a new game and HOLD L1 and press Start
    Play As Spike In English Version
    Remember Spike from Ape Escape? You can play him by finishing the game with all 300 monkeys caught and win against Specter, then save your game. When you select New Game hold "O". As Spike you get all gadgets, the monkeys are harder, and there is a new secret gadget...
    Also reported as:
    After u beat Specter the second time let the credits go on.After the credits a messege will apeer.Now at the title screen highlight "New Game" and press select and L1.The next time u play u will be Spike.
    1. Dance Monkey Dance: first beat the ninja hideoutlevel. then go to the gotcha box in the travel station and put in 10 coins and out pops dance monkey dance.
    2. Monkey Soccer: first beat the enter the monkey level. then go to the gotcha box in the travel station and put in 10 coins and out pops monkey soccer.
    3. Monkey Climb: ok first go to the lost valley level. after u beat it go to the gotcha box in the travel station and put in 10 coins and out pops the minigame Monkey Climb ( this minigame is the hardest one).
    Have a new net
    Go to the gadgets screen, highlight the time net and press R1
    Faster Credits
    To make credits faster hold down X
    Beat All Bosses
    Blue Monkey-either charge at him with the super hoop or hit him with the stun club or magic punch.
    Yellow Monkey-dodge the freak's charge then hit his ass into the spikes.
    Pink Monkey-1'st stage jump on the flowers and beat the bomb things jump on the stage and hit her.2'nd stage dodge her attack and whack her then dodge her shockwaves.
    White Monkey-dodge robo jimmy's attack hit the button on his back then hit the monkey.
    Red Monkey-dodge his spin attack and hit him while he's dizzy then watch out for the dino shockwave supplex.
    Giant Yellow Monkey-run when he sucks then whack a tooth.
    Ultra Golaith 1'st form-dodge the energy cymbal attack then hit the cheast plate.
    Ultra Goliath 2'nd form-dodge the energy blast then take his cheast plate off then hit specter
    Specter Final Battle- dodge his attacks whack him off his chair and hit him once more or send the jet at him.
    Game glitch
    Once you've captured Specter once and have got the "Power punch!" gaget blar, blar, blar, in the travel station fire the "Power punch!" at Natsumi, you will find the boxing glove on the end will go straight through the desk. (Tip : Stay still once you transport in from a level).